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St Joe Louis feat. Nemo Achida “I Rise” [New music]


St. Joe Louis (Michael Cardigan x Tommie Chase x Elete Wright), the group that released a collaborative international EP with German producers JR & PH7 and NJ’s Brokn Englshtitled My Favorite Demons on Soulspazm back in 2012, is back with a new full-length LP “Cloud Club Over Everything,” dropping digitally on July 26th. “I Rise” is the first single, featuring Nemo Achida.

In case you were wondering, “The Club Cloud” is described in the group’s press release as…

“After multiple studio sessions in which the group and extended affiliates eventually created something other than a mess of bottles, ash and fast food. They finally managed to slowly piece together a complete project from top to bottom, and as a result of the cave dwelling, bacchanalian chaos, the movement dubbed “The Cloud Club” was born.”

St Joe Louis feat. Nemo Achida “I Rise” is Produced & Mixed by Elete Wright. For more info, check the social media below.

St Joe Louis:
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Tommie Chase Feat. Chordz Cordero – Chocolate Rain Revisted

Every Monday ST. Joe Louis’s Tommie Chase has been blessing us with dope music. I would have never saw this coming, but anyone who can kill Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain beat is thumbs up in my book. Shouts to Upstart Cloud Club.

what can i say i had to do this … actually i’ve been want ting to do this ever since i heard the song so i thought i would get the cheat code (chordz cordero who also did the hook on 30,000 ft High and Rising ) to revisit the hook that Tay Zonday made famous but i swear this is the last time i do something like this …. i was in one of those FUCK IT moods lol hope ya’ll like it !!!! - Tommie Chase

ST. Joe Louis – Slippin Into Darkness

July 4th weekend is a time of celebratory family gatherings that in
the case of St Joe Louis caused them to reflect on family moments
that didnt go as well. Slippin Into Darkness is about finding your way
and not always being happy with what you find . This song is Prod. By the Groups own Elete Wright, Johari and Tegi Newton.

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Tommie Chase/Machine gun Brothers Feat Elete- Scattered Thoughts / Massacre On Madison

Here it is New Tommy Chase (St. Joe Louis) the first track is over kendrick lamars hi power (and no its not another otkl ode to Kendrick Lamar) Tommie Chase – “its just scattered thoughts that i had listening to this beat the second i went ahead put my ace from my group ELETE on it with me which we named ” Machine Gun Brothers ” and we just basically bodied fat joe‘s massacre on madison so hope you enjoy !!!!!”

Tommie Chase/Machine Gun Brothers Feat. Elete – Scattered Thoughts/Massacre On Madison

Tommie Chase – O.T.K.L (The Heart Pt. 3)

The ST. Joe Louis Team stays busy as 1/3 of the group Texas Born NJ Repper  Tommie Chase Drops this Gem for the masses on Twitter so we @ Mcmireport.com had to pick it up and show love . Can’t wait to hear more material from the group and each individually NJ stand up !

Tommie Chase – O.T.K.L (The Heart Pt.3)