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[MUSIC VIDEO] Bop Alloy – Chillaxation


For those that don’t know, Bop Alloy is a musical collaboration between producer Marcus D and MC Substantial. They recently created an album The R & R (Remixes & Revisions), which is in stores now. The pair dropped their debut album Substantial & Marcus D are Bop Alloy, on a Japanese label and are now using this remix album to take it to the rest of the world.

The R & R, features remixes of many of the songs from their debut album. It features remixes by veteran producers, Funky DL, K-Murdock (of Panacea), & Joe.D, while also including remixes from up & coming producers such as LASTorder, Bolo, J-zen and Substantial himself. Guest appearances include: yU (of Diamond District), Gods’Illa, Wordsmith, Kokayi, Steph the Sapphic Songstress, Javier Starks, Justis, Nate Vibez, & Peter Lee Johnson.

After recently touring Japan and Taiwan to promote the album and satisfy their Japanese fans, Bop Alloy dropped this music video produced by a talented crew of professionals known as Altrac Productions. Check the credits below the video.

You can find the original album, the R & R version and the Instrumentals at bopalloy.bandcamp.com

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Bop Alloy – Chillaxation

Altrac Productions
Director: Arch Stanton | Director of Photography: Sawyer Purman |Editor: Ben Anderson | Producer: Ryan Legallet | Gaffer: Brett Drolet | Assistant Cameraman: Joesph Weiler | Special Thanks to Nick Stevens for the Crane

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