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Fresh Daily “The Quiet Life” (Official Video)

The Quiet Life cover

Fresh Daily reps BK to the fullest, but we all take vacations. This song is like a vacation from the stresses of life in the big cities. Shot in Connecticut and Maryland, the backdrops are as soothing as the lyrical flows Fresh is lacing us with on the title track of his project The Quiet Life (presented by Apt No.7 & High Water Music). The video was directed by Nahgee. I love the scenes shot in the NY Subway system. The soundtrack of an iPod over the roar of trains in tunnels, our own version of “quiet”.

I really wanted to capture the feel of what made me write this song. So I went to the places that inspired the project.- Fresh Daily

www.FreshDailyMC.com | @FreshDotDaily | The Quiet Life

Fresh Daily: The Quiet Life (mixtape – free download)

Fresh Daily The Quiet Life

“Fresh’s flow is more substance than style” – XXL Magazine

I disagree with the quote from XXL, although it was a good look to be talked about in a major magazine and XXL’s sentiments definitely were complimentary. I agree Fresh’s flow is packed with substance. But Brooklynite Fresh Daily’s flow, gear and stage presence are also loaded with “style”. Many MC’s focus on writing and come up with great ideas or punchlines, but actually have their own usinque style. That’s because many “MC’s” go from the mind to the pen to their laptop to YouTube, without taking time to master rocking a mic. That practice of actually delivering your rhymes, on a mic in front of an audience, hopefully, leads you to develop your own style. There should be something about your voice, your accent, your cadence, which sets you apart instantly form any other MC, so that as soon as someone hears you, they either know exactly who it is, or if they don’t know you, they definitely hear something different and unmistakable for anything else.

Without naming names, there are several camps right now, with 3 or 4 MC’s who sound very similar, to the point where I’m listening to something new on the radio and I go “Is that [insert chart topping rapper here]?” and my boy goes “Nah. it’s [insert new artist signed and developed by chart topping rapper here], they just sound similar on autotune.” Really? Wow. That sh*! is annoying. Rappers – have your own damn style! I don’t care how nice you are, if you sound like someone else – get that sh*! outta here!


Anyway, with that said, listen to Fresh Daily even once and you will distinguish his style. Then listen to one of his homeboy’s (Homeboy Sandman for instance) and you will see that he will have  just as much substance, but sound totally different. That’s a good thing.

For those who missed out on some of Fresh’s previous triumphs, like Mad Flavas, Tomorrow is Today, or Mothership / L A N D, here’s your chance to catch up. A Free download of his newest mixtape, The Quiet Life.



* FULL MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD and Tracklisting after the jump! (more…)

“Say Yes” to Fresh Daily

SAY YES artwork Fresh DailyMCMI has been down with Fresh Daily since day one. (Actually before that if you count the Ill Tarzan days). Since then he has blessed us with consistent joints that are a breath of fresh air. Check out this live performance of “Whobedat?” we captured in Brooklyn awhile ago (after the jump), just to show this is not a studio MC. Fresh sounds just as good live, as mixed and mastered. True MC’s move the crowd. Prerequisite.

Here is his new song “Say Yes” produced by Shuke & Fonty, off his new project “The Quiet Life,” (out May 3rd). And the next time someone asks you have you heard the new Fresh Daily joint – and is it dope – say yes.

“Say Yes” audio and “Whobedat?” video after the jump. (more…)