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St. Joe Louis Purple Box Feat Ezrakh and Jahnia

NEW JERSEY Stand up your boys are back St. Joe Louis hit’s us via their Soundcloud early with some background music for these next few rainy days we have coming. This is called Purple Box Feat. Ezrakh and Jahnia, this is a mellow laid back track but each member goes in. Tom Chase gives you that smokey in the study flow, Elete Wright Styles heavy on this song and Michael Cardigan‘s energy on this is uncanny of course I have to mention Ezrakh who is also the Groups DJ and Jahnia who is a great Graphic artist and did the art for this song soothed the hell out of the chorus. Purple Box is basically stamping them as the connoisseurs of  filtered Cigars … SO light up and have a good day ya’ll

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Grind Time Now CEO, “Drect” Victim of Racism

Drect news story

Racism is alive and well in 2011. I don’t think anyone is naive enough to believe it wasn’t, but we are so used to the veiled prejudice, the follow you around the store, or the behind the scenes defunding of schools in poor black neighborhoods type, that we may have forgotten – just for a brief moment – about the plain and blatant “black  people can’t come into our neighborhood or live on our block” brand of hatred, complete with threats and racial slurs yelled from the front lawn.

Well, GrindTimeNow CEO, “Drect“, co-founder of “The World’s Largest Hip Hop Battle League” has experienced just that. He leased a house in an upscale exclusive gated community, “Royal Oaks” in Houston Texas. What I guess he didn’t know was those gates were designed to keep him – and any of his black friends – OUT! First, security was instructed not to let in any African-American guests past the gate into the sub-division. Besides that, a group of people banged on his garage door yelling racial slurs and challenging Drect’s uncle to come outside, that they “got something for you” for moving into “their” neighborhood.

Drect House

The House Drect leases in the Royal Oaks section of Houston Texas.

I don’t know what I find surprising, that the racist neighbors were so brazen with it, that the security guard admitted that he had been given written instructions not to allow Drect to have any guests in his own house, or that Fox News even covered this story.

Shout out to TheLoumedia for the video.

Tommie Chase Feat. Chordz Cordero – Chocolate Rain Revisted

Every Monday ST. Joe Louis’s Tommie Chase has been blessing us with dope music. I would have never saw this coming, but anyone who can kill Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain beat is thumbs up in my book. Shouts to Upstart Cloud Club.

what can i say i had to do this … actually i’ve been want ting to do this ever since i heard the song so i thought i would get the cheat code (chordz cordero who also did the hook on 30,000 ft High and Rising ) to revisit the hook that Tay Zonday made famous but i swear this is the last time i do something like this …. i was in one of those FUCK IT moods lol hope ya’ll like it !!!! - Tommie Chase

ST. Joe Louis – Slippin Into Darkness

July 4th weekend is a time of celebratory family gatherings that in
the case of St Joe Louis caused them to reflect on family moments
that didnt go as well. Slippin Into Darkness is about finding your way
and not always being happy with what you find . This song is Prod. By the Groups own Elete Wright, Johari and Tegi Newton.

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Tommie Chase – O.T.K.L (The Heart Pt. 3)

The ST. Joe Louis Team stays busy as 1/3 of the group Texas Born NJ Repper  Tommie Chase Drops this Gem for the masses on Twitter so we @ Mcmireport.com had to pick it up and show love . Can’t wait to hear more material from the group and each individually NJ stand up !

Tommie Chase – O.T.K.L (The Heart Pt.3)