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DJ Pete Rock: “We Deserve Justice”

Monumental 5 Press Conference

Monumental 5 Press Conference at City Hall on July 5, 2011 in New York City.

Yo, big up to Trymaine Lee of bvblackspin.com for continuing coverage of the “Monumental 5” police brutality situation. At a press release Pete Rock and his daughter (one of the 5 arrested and mistreated by police outside a Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun album release concert), give us an update and further description of what went on that night, from their personal perspectives. Check out the full article on bcblackspin, but here is a video excerpt.

To read our own original coverage of this story when it first happened, click here.

Police brutality at Smif-N-Wessun/Pete Rock release party

monumental smif-n-wessun pete rock
Last night at Tammany Hall in New York City, Smif-N-Wessun and Pete Rock celebrated their critically acclaimed collaborative album “Monumental” on Duck Down Records. Word is the concert was going great with fans and celebrities enjoying the good vibes,music and success of another true hip-hop project, but the venue was over crowded and at some point during the night a fight broke out outside the venue. At this time NYC police decided for no good reason to storm the venue and aggressively toss everyone out into the streets. Once the rightfully aggravated party goers were outside all hell broke loose as the NYPD violently attacked artist and patrons alike.