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MCMI REPORT: St. Joe Louis – “Cloud Club / Everything” [Album]

St. Joe Louis - "Cloud Club / Everything"

New JerseyJ/LA trio St. Joe Louis are back with a new full-length LP “Cloud Club Over Everything.”  We told you it was on the way when we reported on the lead single “I Rise” featuring Nemo Achida. For those who don’t know, St. Joe Louis are a group comprised of producer/emcee Elete Wright, and two MC’s Michael Cardigan and Tom Chase. Numerous smoke filled studio sessions led to the crew birthing a social movement called “The Cloud Club,” which obviously explains the title of their album. 

Produced by Dolla (Brick Bandits), Ezrakh and Elete Wright“Cloud Club Over Everything” is as sonically beautiful as it is lyrically deeply personal. The production is ultra modern, with futuristic sounds, airy chords and choruses that are as blue as the crystals on that good Cali weed. The trio set the album off immediately, with CC“, jumping right into a verse as soon as the first beat touches down.

High energy mixed with bravado and storytelling over a powerful groove let’s you know right away that this team means business. Jahnia Holterhoff & Bad Pegasus singing at the end of the verses takes you for a ride on a cloud … of smoke. Get right to this.

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St Joe Louis feat. Nemo Achida “I Rise” [New music]


St. Joe Louis (Michael Cardigan x Tommie Chase x Elete Wright), the group that released a collaborative international EP with German producers JR & PH7 and NJ’s Brokn Englshtitled My Favorite Demons on Soulspazm back in 2012, is back with a new full-length LP “Cloud Club Over Everything,” dropping digitally on July 26th. “I Rise” is the first single, featuring Nemo Achida.

In case you were wondering, “The Club Cloud” is described in the group’s press release as…

“After multiple studio sessions in which the group and extended affiliates eventually created something other than a mess of bottles, ash and fast food. They finally managed to slowly piece together a complete project from top to bottom, and as a result of the cave dwelling, bacchanalian chaos, the movement dubbed “The Cloud Club” was born.”

St Joe Louis feat. Nemo Achida “I Rise” is Produced & Mixed by Elete Wright. For more info, check the social media below.

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Chordz Cordero: “Street Life” (Prod. Black Milk) [Video]

Chordz Cordero drops some visuals for his single “Street Life” off his mixtape “A Day With My Favorite Producers” …coming soon!!! Much more to look out for from this talented artist… Just a little somethin to hold y’all over until then!!! ENJOY!!!!

Video directed by: J’Mel Lu (Intaphaze Records)
(Prod. Black Milk [from the “Black & Brown” EP’s “Dada”])

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The title track of Dub MD’s forthcoming album ‘The Requiem: EP‘, features New Jersey’s Vandalyzm (of St. Joe Louis), Maryland’s Substantial (ef@mm/The Plague/Fanomm/Bop Alloy), Queen’s K-SISE and Brooklyn’s Kel Spencer over some hard hitting production from Detroit producer Black Bethoven.

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St. Joe Louis Purple Box Feat Ezrakh and Jahnia

NEW JERSEY Stand up your boys are back St. Joe Louis hit’s us via their Soundcloud early with some background music for these next few rainy days we have coming. This is called Purple Box Feat. Ezrakh and Jahnia, this is a mellow laid back track but each member goes in. Tom Chase gives you that smokey in the study flow, Elete Wright Styles heavy on this song and Michael Cardigan‘s energy on this is uncanny of course I have to mention Ezrakh who is also the Groups DJ and Jahnia who is a great Graphic artist and did the art for this song soothed the hell out of the chorus. Purple Box is basically stamping them as the connoisseurs of  filtered Cigars … SO light up and have a good day ya’ll

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