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Skyzoo – Spike Lee Was My Hero ft. Talib Kweli [VIDEO]

We were psyched when we learned that Spike Lee himself put his blessing on Skyzoo’s single “Spike Lee Was My Hero” ft. Talib Kweli, appearing in the video and everything. Check the BTS Footage, if you haven’t seen it. The finished product is truly cinematic. Directed by Alex Ghassan | Song Produced by Tall Black Guy.

Single at iTunes | Album DREAMS DEFERRED on iTunes. (With Bonus Track!)

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Skyzoo ft. Talib Kweli: “Spike Lee Was My Hero” (BTS of the Video Shoot)

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the “Spike Lee Was My Hero” video shoot, featuring Talib Kweli and Spike Lee. The video, directed by Alex Ghassan of A Nu Day Media, is slated to be released on 1/22/13, and this exclusive BTS piece, featuring the legendary Gayle King of CBS This Morning and O Magazine, gives an inside look at the making of the vid, as well as details on the song’s creation.

Directed by Dana Brewington.

SKYZOO’s “A Dream Deferred” in stores and on iTunes: http://bit.ly/SkyzooADD.


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