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MCMI REPORT: Tokyo Cigar x Substantial – “Constant” (feat. Tanya Denise) [Video]

Tokyo Cigar x Substantial - "Constant"

Producer extraordinaire, MD’s own Tokyo Cigar, presents “Constant,” featuring Substantial and Irish vocalist Tanya Denise. This international collaboration crafted by Tokyo Cigar is dedicated to true love, set over a laid back jazzy beat. Tokyo Cogar, you got some fire. Please send us a beat for our upcoming Plague project! 😀

*Ahem* Back to the review …

Lyrically, Substantial lays it down with his super laid back, yet strong, confident delivery. When the chorus comes in the vocals are so sweet, they make you shudder.

The video is directed by Garrett Lynam and Tokyo Cigar, who filmed in both Maryland and Ireland, and is a visual representation of people from all around the world coming together to make some great art.

This song is truly a gem. It will force you to move your head up and down with a smile on your face for Hip Hop. This is a must add to your playlist. Get it now on iTunes.

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Cortez: “Ask For Me” (MCMI WARZONE Battle Bars Remix)

Big Tom (-aka- TomBig7) put beats behind the bars from battles and makes them fit like its a real song. For this one, Cortez: “Ask For Me”, he took the best Cortez lines from MCMI WARZONE: CORTEZ vs AUTOMATIC RAY (from New Years Revolution at Radio Bushwick). He has a whole mixtape of them if you like this one, called “Beats Behind the Battles Mixtape” which you can DOWNLOAD FREE. The chorus he made for this one is hot! Cortez should really do a song with that “Ask for me” hook.

What do y’all think? Should Ray come back with a remix of his own? Subscribe to Youtube.com/MCMIreport for more MCMI WARZONE battles. Salute my MCMI partners @PH_TeamHOMI and @LR_Blitzkrieg, we are working on the next one. and our co-hosts @therealMicHandz  and @MrMecc. To see the original battle that the song was made from click here: CORTEZ vs AUTOMATIC RAY


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Cooley Black: Black Hoodie Rap (#TrayvonMartinRIP)

Black Bang Theory

Of course the Zimmerman/Trayvon reference and the Jay-Z inspired song title got my attention at first. But then I listened to it and Cooley Black’s song “Black Hoodie Rap” off his full project “The Black Bang Theory” (a play on words referencing one of my favorite tv shows) is a winner. The track is dope (produced by Oakes and Rokitboy), Cooley can really spit, being both lyrical with wordplay and invoking images with his storytelling. On top of that, he is really saying something, not afraid to be labelled “conscious” Cooley speaks truth to power, but also truth to one’s self.

Black Hoodie Rap was highly influenced by everything surrounding the Trayvon Martin situation. It highlights how we as a community imitate George Zimmerman every day in our own neighborhoods by killing each other. I wanted to demonstrate how we as a people have to change our communities, views, and inspire the change that we would like to see.

Even though he is making a point, the skills are there, making me want to hear his flow on other topics. Nicely done.

To hear more, head over to DatPiff for The Black Bang Theory mixtape.

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The title track of Dub MD’s forthcoming album ‘The Requiem: EP‘, features New Jersey’s Vandalyzm (of St. Joe Louis), Maryland’s Substantial (ef@mm/The Plague/Fanomm/Bop Alloy), Queen’s K-SISE and Brooklyn’s Kel Spencer over some hard hitting production from Detroit producer Black Bethoven.

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Sweet 16’s DROID Songwriting APP (Great for MC’s!)

How many of us have struggled with having written a verse on a cell phone only to go in the booth and the font is too small, the backlight goes to sleep in the middle of a take, or you are trying to scroll down because the rhyme doesn’t all fit on the page? Well, here’s an app that addresses many of those problems, as well as helps you keep your verses and songs organized. Rather than explain it to you I’ll just let the video do the talking. Screenshots above, video below. Let us know what you think!