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Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary (Kickstarter)

Even though I was SUUUPER young, I remember the day Graffiti Rock first came on like it was yesterday. My big brother was hyped and I was pouting because the show would air past my bedtime. After some pleading with my mom I was allowed to stay up and watch history in the making. This show changed everything! Hip hop was legitimized on national TV! In all forms! And though my 5yr old self found the host a bit corny (sorry Michael!) that didn’t change the fact that the Breakers were NYC street legends, The music was hip hop and the “battle” between Run DMC and the Treacherous Three was EPIC! Kool Moe Dee just mopped the floor with everyone!?! whoaaaaa!!!!
Needless to say this show made a big impact on me and many other so I’m definitely supporting the Kickstarter campaign to re-master it re-release it with TONS of new never before seen footage. check the video out for more info and/or CLICK THE LINK.

Rev Run on “Walk This Way” (BMI’s How I Wrote That Song 2012)

Shouts to BMI for featuring this video as their video of the month. It is an interview where Run of Run-DMC is explaining how they didn’t want to make “Walk This Way” at first. They were going to sample the beat and rap over it. But Russel Simmons had the vision and said, no, remake the actual song. It’s a funny story, told by one of Hip Hop’s pioneering legends, Joseph “Run’ Simmons. Check it out and leave comments below…

“Walk This Way” RUN-DMC ft. Aerosmith is arguably the best music video ever. Click “more” to see the video.

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Iron Solomon – MONSTER (Album)

The EOW (End Of the Weak) and Battle rap beast Iron Solomon dropped his Debut album today with Appearances By Talib Kweli, Paul Wall, Jean Grae, Novel, DMC of Run DMC, Cassidy & More. Peep the video for the 1st song on the album below and pick up the album on iTunes. Iron Solomon is a muthaf@k!n’ MONSTER!

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Diggy – “88″ (feat. Jadakiss) (Video)

The official video for Diggy’s “88” feat. Jadakiss – off the new album “Unexpected Arrival“. Been awhile since I last checked in with young Simmons. His album is dropping March 20th, so I will be posting some videos so we can see what he’s up to. If you like the joint, can pre-order clicking on the banner below. If not, there is a place to post complaints, criticisms, praise, etc. No it’s not the “circular file” you office comedians! It’s called the Comments section below. Have fun. I like this line here:

“You know my uncle taught Diddy, who turned around and taught Biggie, And Biggie taught Jigga, so you can just imagine what he’s teaching me nigga”

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MC Obama Tweets the Nation #AskObama

Obama Twitter Town HallFor those who didn’t catch it on tv, here’s the official video of President Obama’s Twitter session with America, July 6th, 2011. Barack Hussein Obama /aka/ Barry /aka/ Mr. President, made history by being the first President of the United States ever to “live tweet“. His message?

Obama Tweet at Town Hall

in order to reduce the deficit,what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep – bo

I’m not going to get into a whole political debate about the content of the first Twitter Town Hall Meeting, Barack Obama’s effectiveness as a President, etc. I’ll leave that to other sites, but I do believe we should all stay informed, so please watch the show, to continue your own education as to what is going on in this country.

I do, however, want to bestow on the President, the title of “MC“. Since he started his first campaign, Barack Obama has always been a crowd motivator, a great orator, a “great debater”, to use the title of SkyZoo’s last release. With his speeches, he is known as one who “moves the crowd” .

Watch the Twitter Town Hall Official Video after the jump! (more…)