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Sean Price Goes Thanksgiving Food Shopping

Ya boy Sean P -aka- Sean Price -aka- @SeanMandela -aka- Ruk from Heltah Skeltah is at it again. The last video of him shopping was hilarious, so I HAD to check this out. I was not disappointed. Sean is that dude. He can be serious, witty, gritty, punch you through a school-bus and other times be funny as hell as well! He isn’t even promoting any new release with this video, but Duck Down is having a 20% off sale for Thanksgiving, if you are interested.


Sean P Shopping TG

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Sean Price Opens A Rap Clinic [video]

Sean Price opens a Rap Clinic after a tragic accident ends his career. Now forced to train up-and-coming rappers, this is Sean P’s funniest skit EVER!! If you thought the supermarket joint, or the Black Swan review was amusing, this one will make you “Pee!!” Yo, watching the MC’s-in-training try to spit some of Sean Price’s lines is hilarious!!

Gods’illa + Sean Price “Saviours & Punishers” (Video)

We’ve been tellin’ y’all about this Hip Hop group from the DMV area for awhile now. Gods’illa just dropped the video for “Saviours & Punishers” featuring SeanMandela/KimboPrice -aka- big Ruk the “school-bus-through-puncher” Decepticon Sean Peeeeeee!

Gods’illa is made up of brothers Acem Eternal Mind, God Allah Truth, and Powerful Rasheem Mathematics. As they say, we can “hold this until the album drops”, (*pause*) but in the meanwhile, take their “blend tape,” CPR, hosted by DJ Lo’Down Loretta Brown, (aka Erykah Badu) as an appetizer.