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ROSENBERG: On Second Thought, Kendrick’s Album Is A Classic

I like Rosenberg. Maybe its the bald white Jew in me (LOL), but a lot of times when he says something about an album or about something in Hip Hop, I tend to agree with him. But in this particular case, when he was saying “don’t go calling Kendrik Lamar’s album ‘Good Kid: M.A.A.D City’ a classic,” I was not on his side. I understand what he was saying, that a lot of people are too quick to label something new a “classic“, especially in this era where there is so much disposable music, but in this particular case, I think GKMC is the exception to the rule. I am glad Rosenberg took to the air, after a few more listens and totally changed his mind. He’s the man for admitting when he is wrong. Those glasses, on the other hand … smh.

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HOMEBOY SANDMAN DROPS 72 Bars For Chosenberg

HOMEBOY SANDMAN drops “72 Bars For Chosenberg” for TheFEAST.com, a website that ranks the best places to eat, shop and play in your city. Their site is pretty simple: select your city and click either EAT, SHOP or PLAY. It’s a cool site, but I admit I am showing them love because they showed Hip Hop some love with the Homeboy Sandman verse. Shout out to Rosenberg. And shout out to EOW for puttin’ me on.