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MCMI Report: Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) Is “Louder Than Ever” [Video]

MCMI Report: Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) Is “Louder Than Ever” [Video]

MCMI Report: Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) Is "Louder Than Ever" [Video]Phantasm of the legendary Cella Dwellas is back with a banger, “Louder Than Ever” produced by German producers, Soulbrotha (B-Base and 12 Finger Dan). 12 Finger Dan also does the scratches on the chorus. Directed and edited by Jimmy Giambrone, the video takes us on a journey through Brooklyn blocks, with your lyrically sharp tour guide, Phantasm. Check out the tribute to the late great Sean Price (R.I.P!).

MCMI Report: Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) Is "Louder Than Ever" [Video]

The single dropped in mid August on Ill Adrenaline Records. The video takes you. Released on 7-inch vinyl with the Brooklyn Remix on the B-Side, you can cop from Fat Beats. You can stream or purchase both versions through iTunes and all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, just be sure to bump it louder than ever!

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MCMI Report: Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas) Is “Louder Than Ever” [Video]

ONYX: CUZO – Prod. by Audible Doctor [Video]

Fresh from touring overseas, ONYX is back with their first single “CUZO” off of the new album, “BELLY OF THE BEAST“. ONYX quietly dropped a few joints between 2010 and 2012 and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that enthused. To use a  MrMecc catchphrase, the songs were “aight to death”. It wasn’t wack, just decent – nothing to get too excited over. See, ONYX is actually their own worst enemy (lyrically), because they set the bar so high with their music when they first came out, anything less than top 10 hits from them seems like a let down.

That being said, this was the first one that made me do a double take. First, because the beat is crazy! It feels like a Wu style production, with soulful vocal bites thrown in, not just on the chorus but during the verses, which gives it a Dilla-esque quality to it. But it’s definitely not RZA or J. Dilla. Look at the production credits and it’s your boy Audible Doctor, who we interviewed not too long ago on MCMI RADIO (click to listen to that episode).

Second thing that excites me about the track is that Fredro and Sticky are spittin’ a different kind of style. Fredro is droppin’ some street gems and I hate to say it, but he actually outshined Sticky on this one, which never happened before. Even the chorus “One for the struggle, two for the pain” lets us know the new ONYX is gonna be really saying some shit, not just braggadocios wordplay, guns and violence. One question I have is … where’s Sonsee (-pka- Sonee Seez)?

Video by Kevin “KJ” Johnson.

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File this song by Tommy Flyguy under the category of music I just happened to come across, thought was dope, have no connection to the producer, artist, label, etc. and threw up on the site. There is no payola, nepotism or artificial flavor of any kind  at MCMIreport. We just do what we do. Sometimes its a hit, sometimes its a miss, but its always real, based on the feelings, views and opinions of the MCees who run this shit from behind – and in front of – the scenes.

That being said, the video, directed by Donny V., grabbed my attention because its been rather gloomy in New York the past week, raining and overcast everyday, so the visuals were soothing, mad it not feel so bad that it is actually raining outside my window right now. So I let it play and the music, produced by Tek Nalo G (sound it out), is pretty dope. So I’m noddin’ my head in front of the computer, waiting to see what’s up with Tommy Flyguy. Will this be something I wanna hear or will I be closing this window momentarilly? … (more…)

Video: M.O.P. Review The Muppets

Caught a tweet about this from NahRight. Have to give credit where credit is due. This is in the category of Sean Price’s review of Black Swan. The take away is this: M.O.P new album SPARTA is dropping soon! Brrrrrrrrrappadooo! (or “Bucka-B-Bucka-B-Bucka-B-Bucka-Blaoww!” or some variation of)

Soul Khan – Soulstice III

This is one of those joints where the music starts with no drum beat and the MC is off and running right away, no intro, no chorus, just spittin’ bars immediately. It builds in intensity and you are waiting for when the beat drops. You figure they are really gonna drop heavy. Sometimes when the drums come in, it is a disappointment. You are waiting for it to drop after 4 bars, but it doesn’t, so you wait and expect it after 8. The song is really heating up and you are like “Wow, that is a long time with no beat, wonder when it is gonna come in?”

Well, guess what?? … On Soul Khan’s “Soulstice III” – it never does! To give props where props are due, the music is awesome and Soul Khan’s flow is nuts on this – but I keep wanting to hear a beat!

About halfway through the song I realize this is one of those “look at me, I am being really creative” moments, where the MC (or producer) did something rare and held the song together with music and flow – no drums. Ghostface has done this successfully and one or two other artists I can’t think of right now (hey, remind me, in the comments).

Soul Khan at FatBeats Records NYCLike I said, Soul Khan puts in work, flowing supercharged (and fast), telling the story over the infectious music and soulful singing. The rhyme scheme is intricate and delivery heavily syncopated. On top of that, I believe that is him singing the chorus himself. People will yell “Drake“, but I am thinking more like “Mos Def“. If you have only heard him in acapela rap battles, you will see (hear?) that the Brown Bag All Star definitely has flow and is not just a battle MC. But his style is different on this one. He admits in the second verse “This ain’t even how I rap, I’m just playing with it”.

The music is an instrumental borrowed from Rachel Grimes’ “My Dear Companion”. I have to admit, Soul Khan pulls it off. The song is dope. You know when you call your friend and they pick up and say “Yo, what’s good?” so you start telling them what you called about and a few seconds later you here “… I’m not here right now, but leave your name and number …”. You feel like, “Dammit, he got me!” That’s how I felt when I realized there was no beat and the song was gonna keep going – with no beat – and regardless, I was still going to like it!

Listen to the song and let me know if you like it too. Stare at the stunning naked chick in the artwork if it helps (hey, can’t hurt). I’m sure that’s what its there for.


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