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MCMI REPORT: Tonedeff’s Long Awaited ‘POLYMER’ Drops Today

Tonedeff's Long Awaited 'POLYMER' Drops Today
“Use Me”, first video off of POLYMER, by Tonedeff.

Tonedeff’s Long Awaited ‘POLYMER’ Drops Today

Part 4 of the Polymer Series released by Tonedeff on QN5 Music, Phantom, dropped today, along with the complete ‘POLYMER‘ album in it’s entirety. ‘POLYMER’ is the best of the prior 3 EPs (Glutton, Demon & Hunter) + all of Phantom which ties it all together.

Sound confusing? According to the man himself, Tonedeff says:

The EPs are their own experiences. Polymer is the culmination, a self-contained unit built on the bones of the EPs. Phantom is the soul of the record.

On top of that, QN5 released the first video off the album Use Me, which is the first Tonedeff video in 13 years, last month. Directed by Norway’s Daniel McStay, Use Me features intricate shadow puppets, a Fincher-esque atmosphere and rope work with a free-fall drop that had to be reset multiple times to get the shot.

There are multiple packages for sale, including enhanced CD’s, Limitted edition Vinyl, coffee table books of album art and other goodies. Need more explanation than that? Read the Full Interview below.

Tonedeff's Long Awaited 'POLYMER' Drops Today

Interviewer: Graeme “GMS” Sibirsky
Subject: Tonedeff

‘POLYMER’ comes out with the last installment of the 4 part series. Explain a little about how that worked, what each part is and how they fit together.
I broke the album into 4 EPs, each with it’s own style and theme, each tied to a different portion of my personality. Glutton was about addiction and excess, Demon was about anxiety and stress, Hunter was about delusion and competitive nature and Phantom is about love, family and self-sabotage. All of them come together to create a complete picture of one person – in this case, myself.

How do the 4 EP’s differ musically?
Musically, each part reaches different areas. A big motivating factor for this album was to show my full range of versatility as a multimedia artist and musician, so it was important to push myself into new terrain, sonically. Glutton was rooted in EDM, Demon was based on trap tempos, Hunter was synth-based boom-bap and Phantom was inspired by shoegaze and dreampop. Hearing it all together paints a solid representation of how all of my tastes combined forged something new through this LP.

You just dropped this new video, Use Me, which has you hanging by ropes like a marionette. That was crazy. How was it filming that?
It was actually pretty painful. It was super low-budget, so we used an extremely unsafe set up, where 4 people were literally pulling manilla ropes by hand to make me hover. We found a spot with an aerialist team in Bushwick that had the know how to make it happen and they were amazing. Still, I had rope rashes for weeks as well as a bruised groin. It hurt like a muffucka, but was worth it.

I have so much more appreciation for that video now! I would have been fine with everything except the rope around the neck. Do you know how much your music would be worth if you had died in an accident? Lol.
Word! Trust me… I was conscious of the risk the whole time. But as they say … feel the fear and do it anyway.


Substantial – “Home Is Where The Art Is” [Album]

A Hip Hop album so authentic and raw it is being released on Vinyl as well as CD and digital formats. The Baltimore MC’s last album Sacricice spawned 2 singles which made it to MTV, BET, & VH1. Having also recently toured Japan, released new music with his groups Bop Alloy and Fanomm, Substantial has been garnering a ton of positive press and the time is just right for his next solo release. The cover art was done by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

Substantial’s Home Is Where The Art Is features vocal collaborations with Kokayi, Steph, The Sapphic Songstress, Deacon The Villain (of CunninLynguists), Ken Starr, and Acem (of Gods’Illa). Released on QN5 Music (vinyl through Mello Music Group). PRe-order now or click more for Tracklisting.

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PackFM – I F*cking Like Everything [Offical Music Video]

When PackFM dropped I F*CKING HATE RAPPERS on QN5 Music, some people got the idea that he was a hater. His album was a critique of the easy access, Garage Band/ProTools/Youtube rappers/DJ’s/Producers, that have creeped up on us over the past decade, making it difficult for many to discern who the real talented artists are. Now that just about anybody can make a video and promote them selves online, the game is flooded with unskilled “artists” creating uninspiring, unoriginal “music”. Everybody is a “rapper”, no one is a fan. This satuaration is what’s killing Hip Hop. So after awhile, it’s like “what’s the point?” Everywhere you look – rappers! No where to be found – real MC’s.

PackFM took this commentary and made it the basis of an entire album. The genius of it though, is that while he is criticizing rappers, he is at the same time being such a good one (-ahem- excuse me, ‘MC‘). His rhyme scheme and story-telling display the art of the craft of song making. The beats on the album are headnodding, packed with soul, musicality and a strong amount of Boom Bap to keep the party jumpin’. Pack doesn’t just complain and point out the obvious – rappers suck – he makes a great album and shows us “how to do this, son”.

Of course, coming from QN5, a label which has released the seminal Ef@mm album “Happy F*ck You Songs” and Tonedeff’s bitter single “Politics”, about the bullshit of the music industry (both of which are worth copping if you never heard them), some may have written Pack off as a “mad rapper”. Not in the least. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of seeing Pack perform, have met him or know him personally, know his life is filled with humor and joy. He is all about having a good time and truly likes everyone and everything – EXCEPT RAPPERS!!!

This new video is for the last song on the album, to set the story straight.

“I F*cking Like Everything” (Prod. by Deacon The Villain) | Directed by PackFM


Next: The Human Highlight Reel – coming soon!

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PackFM – “Want What’s Mine (BTSTU Mix)” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

QN5 artist and MCMI/Plague team member Pack FM has decided to give you all an early Christmas present! The “Want What’s Mine” video was shot and Directed By: Jarrett Robertson of Rhythm & Bleu productions, be sure to subscribe to their youtube channel to get updates on future films and music videos. All of the MCMI tees worn by Pack FM in the video can be found at MCMI APPAREL!!

Stay tuned for an update on PackFM’s latest project “The Human Highlight Reel”

[Audio] SUBSTANTIAL: “Would You Be Mine?” ft. Jsoul

Here’s a fresh new joint from Substantial (QN5 Music/The Plague), “Would You Be Mine?” feat. Jsoul. Produced by DJ FlipFlop.

WYBM, is the 1st leak from Substantial’s upcoming FREE concept mixtape, which he’s been keeping under-wraps since he first mentioned it in May, while recovering from his surgery.  Originally, WYBM was to be featured on Sub’s 3rd solo album, Home Is Where The Art Is, but was cut soon after the name change.

Peace World. So, as promised, I graciously present new music for all of you who helped me reach over 1200 subscribers on Youtube. In fact, since I asked for your help last week, my channel has gained a little over 100 new subscribers! Thanks for helping to get the word out. Now it’s my turn to return the favor! – SUBSTANTIAL