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PackFM – Featured Material Vol. 4 [NEW MUSIC]

PackFM – “The Pick Me Up Song” off of Featured Material Vol. 4 [DOWNLOAD MP3]

Here’s a leak off of PackFM‘s latest release Featured Material Vol. 4 – “The Pick Me Up Song”. If you’ve ever been told “I no go to Brooklyn” on multiple occasions, this track is your late night anthem. Featured Material Vol. 4 is a ground-breaking project, in that it combines Hip Hop with stand-up comedy.

We will have Pack as one of our featured guests on MCMI RADIO, to talk about his Featured Material, his experience doing stand-up for the first time and how he put this project together, this Friday, June 22nd, at 9pm. Tune in for what is sure to be a very interesting conversation, sprinkled with some exclusive songs and comedy routines from FMV4.


[PRE-ORDER] PackFM – Featured Material Vol. 4 (Limited Edition CD)

PackFM – “Sire” w/ Dujeous @ Southpaw FInal Show (VIDEO)


Backed by the live band Dujeous, PackFM performs “Sire” off of his LP “I F*cking Hate Rappers” at the closing of Brooklyn’s legendary venue Southpaw. He also shares the story of his first show at Southpaw, nearly 10 years ago.


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Cold war PAckFM TonedeffIf you know QN5 Music’s TONEDEFF and PACKFM you know that both of them are known for spectacular showmanship and lyricism. Tonedeff founded QN5 Music, the label that brings you him, Pack, Cunninlynuists, Substantial, Ef@mm, Kokayi, Mr. SOS and more. Every year, fans travel from all over the world to NY or LA (depending where they hold it each year) for the QN5 MEGASHOW, a truly phenomenal event. PackFM has toured Europe, Canada and the states to the point where his next album will be entitled “The Human Highlight Reel”.

Both are known for their sick senses of humor as well. Just research all the skits on PackFM’s albums, and the character “Squigee” from Ef@mm. The watch all of the preview videos for any of the Megashows over the years. (I don’t know HOW they are gonna top that last one with the sock puppets!)

Now, besides the Megashows, Tone and Pack haven’t performed much together in a few years, but they are both headlining this benefit “Cold War“. I know something crazy is going to happen, so I had to post a blog just to let you know you do not want to miss this show tonight. It is going to be one for the ages.

Hope you’re in or near NY!

Performances by

PACKFM (QN5 Music)
Population Control/SiriusXM)

HASSAN MACKEY (Lunch Breaks/RockSteadyCrew)

JOHNNY OCTOBER (Lunch Breaks/)

Music by GMS (MCMIreport)
+ MEKA (2DopeBoyz)
@ SOUTHPAW – 125 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Date: Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
Doors: 8pm
Admission: $10    ($5 with coat donation)

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Cold War Tonedeff PackFM

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Bop Alloy: Chillaxation Video Screen Caps (Sneak Peak)

Bop Alloy

Here is a sneak peak at screen captures from the official Bop Alloy: Chillaxation music video, produced & directed by Altrac Productions. Bop Alloy is a collaboration between Producer Marcus D and MC Substantial (QN5 Music). The music was originally a side project produced exclusively for a label in Japan, but the project is so dope, people have embraced it all over the world as well as here in the United States.

Although we hadn’t determined the title or theme of our soon to be release project, The R & R, at the time Chillaxation was filmed, it fits in well with the ocean theme and overall feel of it. I guess it was meant to be! The Chillaxation music video will be released during the first week of 2012.

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Niggaz With Latitude (NWL) – “Final Call” – (Official Video)

is a group consisting of Deacon the Villain (of CunninLynguists) and Sheisty Khrist. Deacon handles most of the production, assisted by his CL partner Kno and label mate Kokayi. They dropped a self-titled album last year (Niggaz With Latitude) that was as dope as it was slept on. Of course CunninLynguist fans and QN5-ers around the world ate it up. It’s time for the rest of y’all to catch up.

For those that snoozed, check out their hilarious original introduction video and then this new video which marks the one year anniversary of the original release.


Stream the entire project @ NiggazWithLatitude.com or purchase at your own price until the new year.