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Serato Icon Artist Series: DJ JAZZY JEFF (VIDEO)

This is an awesome video segment on DJ JAZZY JEFF, produced by Serato Icon Artist Series, where he is able to express his total happiness with his life and his undying love for music. You also get to see some cool footage of him rocking his residency at The Palms in Las Vegas, his home studio setup and some touching moments with his wife and children, who are cute as hell.

If there’s anyone who deserves the success and happiness they’ve achieved, it’s DJ Jazzy Jeff. Jeff’s music with The Fresh Prince (Will Smith), made a tremendous impact on me when I was a little kid first listening to Hip Hop. His later music as a DJ and Producer heavilly influenced my own style as a DJ and producer, as I am sure it has countless others. When thinking of J. Dilla, Jam Master Jay and other music icons who we lost too soon, we have to make sure we celebrate our musical heroes in life. Big ups to you, DJ Jazzy Jeff and keep blessing us with beautiful music.

Click here for a transcript of the full interview, plus a collection of great DJ Jazzy Jeff photos.

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If you are not mad (as I am) that you were not able to be in Philly to catch The ROOTS PICNIC 2012, maybe you just didn’t know about it. Come on, The ROOTS, De La Soul, Yaslin Bey (formerly Mos Def), the GOD Rakim and more? … Not fair y’all, not cool at all. This should have been held in Ft. Greene Park (Brooklyn), :-D.

I couldn’t believe this only had 17 views when I saw it on OKAYPLAYER. I must be one of the first to see it! Now I can put y’all on. It’s a summary, not the full performances, but it makes you feel good that in 2012 Hip Hop is still alive (it’s ALIVE I say! rrrghh!) Thank you OKAYPLAYER, for such a dope event! Stay blessed! – @GMS_MCMI

Philadelphia Sound Konnoiseurs (?uestlove, Jazzy Jeff, J Rocc, Diplo & DJ Spinna)

This was the scene as “PSK” – 5 of the world’s most awesome DJ’s – came together to form Voltron for one night of madness, July 3rd, 2011, at Club Voyeur in Philly. Concieved and organized by legendary DJ ?uestlove, the event was the first of it’s kind.“What we decided was to throw a Rave,” explains The Roots drummer/producer.

According to Grammy winning producer and DJ Diplo, “These are the guys who got me to DJ in the first place, you know? It’s a big deal for me, to be able to DJ with these guys, in the hometown.”“If I DJ’d with Jazzy Jeff or ?uestlove or J Rocc – if the four of us were playing a party together 10 years ago, we would have to have a seperate backstage area for just the records and CD’s we were playing with,” Diplo elaborated, on why he now uses Serato.

“Philly ain’t never had a party like this … everybody played a whole bunch of different stuff, man, it was incredible,” expressed Jazzy Jeff.

The Serato crew were on hand and filmed the legendary night, plus interviewed all the DJ’s of PSK – the Philadelphia Sound Konnoiseurs. For live footage of the mix masters doing their thing, plus interviews with each of them, Read More!


Jakk Frost & Peedi Crakk – Code Of The Streets (The Beard Is In The Building!)

jakk frost

I’ll keep it simple – Jakk Frost and Peedi Crakk go in on this Primo beat, rocking “The Beard Is In The Building” T-Shirts. Premier is a beast (duh). R.I.P to GURU.

Learn more about Philly rapper Jakk Frost at http://therealjakkfrost.com/

Hey, didn’t Peedi change his name to Peedi Peedi and now it’s back to Peedi Crakk again? Don’t care. His flow is crazy. Looking forward to hearing more music from both these MC’s.