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“Anthem For The End of The World” – PH, Jean Grae

Well the day is not over yet, but so far, no Armagedden. I heard a lot of people took the prediction that today’s date, May 20th, 2011 would be the end of the world. I admit I bought a few gallons of water and kept one in the chamber, just in case people on my block started acting stupid, but some people took it way farther than that.  As reported by InsideEdition


Thousands of people across the world are convinced that the end of the world is upon us. “We can know that Judgment Day is going to be May 21, 2011!” one rally-goer told INSIDE EDITION. They claim that the apocalypse has been foretold by the Bible, and that natural disasters like the ones depicted in movies will start on Saturday at 6 p.m. One man in New York actually spent a small fortune, $140,000 of his own savings, to plaster “end of the world” posters all over the city.

But most people seem to be laughing it off, especially the late night comics. “Saturday is doomsday! That sucks, I just joined Netflix!” joked Jay Leno.And Jimmy Kimmel quipped, “This Saturday, May 21st is Judgment Day. We will be judged by Randy and J-Lo!”

But nobody is laughing over the story of Julianne McCrery, who stands accused of asphyxiating her 6-year-old son, Camden.

She allegedly went to Maine, where she dumped the body on a country road. Her lawyer made a stunning statement to reporters. “I believe she was up here to bring both her son and herself to heaven,” he said. There is speculation that the boy’s murder might have been influenced by fear among some people about the coming of the apocalypse.

What I don’t understand is why would she kill him before it actually happened? I mean, you could wait up all night, witht he television on News, looking out the window, with your son in the other room and if you start seeing demons flying out of the sky or things start blowing up all around you in the morning, THEN go and do what you gotta do. Why not wait and see? I don’t know if she was crazy or just a plain old fashioned “@sshole”. Lock her up and throw away the key.

HOW DID THIS MESS GET STARTED? Check the video below.

Anyway, from what I have heard (I am not a Christian), Christians believe that they will first be hit with the Rapture and then – months later – the Apocalypse. So, if you believe radio broadcaster Harold Camping’s prediction then May 21st would only be the Rapture and the end of the world would happen sometime in October.

I dug up this classic PH (formerly Pumpkinhead) song, featuring Jean Grae and Chas, off his Rawkus/SoulSpazm Album “Orange Moon Over Brooklyn“. It seemed a fitting song for the soundtrack to the end of the world.  If things take a turn for the worse later on today at least you heard some good Hip Hop music before goin’ out! Shout to Marco Polo on the beat.

Lyrics and video for “Anthem For The End of The World“ after the jump. (more…)

Rahiem Drinkwater Judges GrindTime “Wreck the Halls” MC battles

Rahiem Drinkwater Red Carpet Interviews

Rahiem Drinkwater was on hand at “Wreck the Halls”, the GrindTime East Coast division battles at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so of course you know PH asked him to be a celbrity judge, along with his cousin, Rob N. Banks. Shout out to Poison Pen, Sara Kana, Team Homi and all the MC’s there that night.

If you like the battles and want to hear more head over to GrindTimeNow.com

Poison Pen & MCMIreport.com Presents Freshman Friday

Friday April 29 Poison Pen & MCMIreport.com Presents Freshman Friday:
Come out and support all these hot artists plus come hear an All-Star Freestyle Cypher…………..


P.Stacks vs. Cannon Jones
Sour D vs. Norm Bates
Diggz vs. Stainless
Mister Sell vs. Mantix
Nameless vs. Red Freck
Prof Ac vs. Chemical Ali
Dspiize vs. S. Gram
Nova Greezy vs. Rhyno Da Great

Hosted By Posion Pen, PH & Sara Kana

All-Star Freestyle Cypher: DNA/Amzilla/Kilenm/CF/Verse/Vicci………..

Voodoo Lounge
138 5th avenue

Brooklyn, NY

MUSIC By DJ Brown…


!LLMIND behind the curtain pt 1&2

Super producer !LLMIND has just released an instrumental album on Nature Sounds that not only gives you 21 incredible new tracks but he also goes so far as to give you aspiring beat smiths the audio stems so you can try and duplicate his greatness with his own sounds!! (you cant btw.) And for good measure he throws in the Fortilive gem “Gimme”

!LLMIND is one of the best and hardest working producers I know, just this year he’s released “Live from the tape deck” with SKYZOO, a Fortilive album with his Hawaiian crew called “I vs. Iaaaand the “Outside the lines EP” with far out there band Smokey Robotic! Not to mention the work he’s been putting in on PH‘s MCMI records debut “The revenge of Radames“, the B.L.A.P.S mixtape vol.5 &, producer showcase series and countless other projects!!! Does this man even sleep!??!?!?

Here are the first two “Behind The Curtain” videos where !LLMIND discusses the project after the jump

MURS – Varsity Blues


I met up with MURS recently, at a show at Public Assembly, in Brooklyn. Me and the homie PH blessed him with some official MCMI  APPAREL shirts and we chatted for a few. He’s a cool guy, and he definitely takes his music seriously, plus, he has something to say. We were chillin’ that night, but we definitely will hook up with him for a full Interview in the near future.

Meanwhile, here is the title track/video of the new six song EP Varsity Blues 2, now available on iTunes. The video was directed by Darryl Richardson. Production by Aesop Rock. The original Varsity Blues came out in 2002. Besides Aesop, this one has production by Terrace Martin, Issue, Foundnation, Karl Berringer, and Droop-E.