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David Dallas – Runnin’ [Official Video]

Duck Down Music was founded on Brooklyn spitters from the Bootcamp Click (BCC), but David Dallas’s new album, ‘Falling Into Place,’  which dropped on Oct 22nd, went #1 on New Zealand iTunes first and is now picking up steam in North America. This is the video for the lead single “Runnin”, which is now a sports anthem due to placements on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, FIFA 14 Soundtrack, Madden 25 trailer, Major League Baseball’s postseason coverage, and NFL Thursday Night Kick-Off.

David Dallas Falling Into PlaceThe video, directed by Tom Gould, captures beautiful outdoor scenes of what I assume is the New Zealand countryside.

When Eminem comes to New Zealand for the first time ever, for his concert at Auckland’s iconic outdoor Western Springs Stadium, David Dallas will be opening for him, along with performances by Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, so his future is looking real bright right now.

If you like the video/single, you can stream the whole album at Billboard.com and purchase the single here: http://smarturl.it/Runnin.

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Shabaam Sahdeeq – Seasons Change (Official Video)

Here is a look at the visuals for ‘Seasons Change‘, directed by Olise Forel, from the forthcoming Shabaam Sahdeeq EP on KingUnderground Records coming later in 2013. S Dub drops lessons for what looks like his son, on this Lewis Parker track.

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Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre and JAY Z – 3 Kings [Official Video]

Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre and Jay Z – 3 Kings Official Video.

3 kings Jay Z Rick Ross Dr DreI know this is not new new, but its a real dope video (they call it a “Maybach Films Visual Piece“). I love the flashbacks to Dre and Jay’s pasts (Ross doesn’t do that as much but he doesn’t have 20 years in the game to build upon). The song (and video) are part flossing, part autobiographical storytelling, with a touch of street knowledge and politics. I know, some argue that Ross hasn’t earned the title of a “King” yet (though some think he has), but if you don’t give that to him lyrically, you have to admit he’s heavy on the business acumen. As for Dre (for beats, career) and Jay (lyrics, career), they definitely got it. Ross ain’t on their level yet, but he’s workin’ on it and this song with both giants certainly brings him one step closer.

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Ellementt ft Crimson – “Harlem” [Official Video]

This is a pretty dope ode to Harlem. At first I’m like, “Whoah, did they clear that Big L sample?” Not from a legal standpoint, but Big L is one of our fallen heros and I hoped his people were alright with young new artists repping Harlem that way, with Big L’s voice on the track. But as you will see in the video, they brought in L’s brother and promoted “The Big L Story” at the end of the video, so I think it’s all good. They seem to have done it right.

Ellementt and Crimson combine enough of the hardcore aspects of Harlem with everyman’s lifestyle and cameos from young kids into baseball, skateboarding, just chillin’ out and having a good time. The music is dope. The flows are in the pocket. What else you need to know? The track was produced by DjFamilly Tyz. The video was directed by Michael Xerri & Julie Dayan. You can download the song FREE off the Bandcamp listed below. Let us know if you are feeling the track in the comments below.

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Kosha Dillz: Moses Wasteland [Official Video]

Here is the first music video off The Jet Lag EP, directed by Robbie Barclay, featuring samples from LA artist Chelsea Wolfe and produced by Nate G. For those of you tired of hearing the same old version of guns, drugs, pimpin’, tough talk, etc, Kosha Dillz brings you his brand of Hip Hop from a young urban Jewish perspective. His new project up on DJ Booth is a lot of indie mixes … 6 songs of bands you might wanna look up after hearing his takes on them.

It brings me back to my hardcore rap days of cursing all the time..it felt good! …

Kosha told us in a recent conversation, but it’s not really that much cursing, actually. Kosha is not a murda-death-kill type of MC. He has a great sense of humor and represents daily life triumphs and struggles that anyone can relate to.


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