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MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly Feat. U George (Official Video)

John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly

MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly, is the official single from the album We The Prolific, available digitally on Bandcamp & iTunes, and on vinyl & CD at UGHH & HHV. With a soulful, head-nodding, jazz influenced, east coast, underground hip hop beat, this track is bangin’!MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief - Mega Fly

The video, edited and directed by Rick Foy for DVID FILMS, is shot in the perfect setting for the grown man bars John & Chief are smacking you with, a Cigar Shop. Chief drops science on being 40, a grandpa, but still having bars for all challengers and J.R. give praise to Bobbito Garcia for dropping his former group Science of Life’s first single “Nine Ether”, back in the day, when he had his indie label Fondle ‘Em Records, so you could say this record is “scientific” to say the least.

This song and video actually did exactly what every single is supposed to do – made me curious to check out the rest of the album, so I went to the Bandcamp page and skimmed through the tracks giving it a first listen. Every joint was flavor, so I will be back to purchase, soon as I finish this article. I am going to download of course, but the fact that this brand new record is coming out on Vinyl as well as CD is a testament to the artistry and dedication to fans, in the US, Europe and all around the world.

Salute to John Robinson and friends like Skitslam, Cymarshall Law, ID 4 Windz (Scienz of Life & Everliven Sound), Dexter St. Jock (Savage Balet), Stan 1, Jocelyn Ellis, U George, and Tiffany Paige, who all bless this album, for continuing to making great Hip Hop in 2015! A lot of people criticize the Bobby Schmurdas and other super young rappers for the immaturity or irresponsibility of their subject matter, but we can’t expect babies (no disrespect), to drop knowledge on this level. Sometimes we need elder statesmen, rap veterans and underground legends to take the lead and show these young bwoys how it’s done.         - GMS (Twitter | Facebook)

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MCMI REPORT: John Robinson & Chief – Mega Fly

MCMI REPORT: M-Dot – ‘SHINE’ Ft. Method Man, Dominique Larue & Katy Gunn (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

These are the visuals for Boston lyricist M-Dot’s 1st official single “Shine” off his long awaited debut album “Ego and the Enemy” (2 part CD release). The track features Method Man (Wu Tang Clan), Dominique Larue & Katy Gunn and was produced by Soulplusmind.


The video is a 3D Animation in which the story showcases the constant conflict between good vs. evil, light vs. darkness. Directed by Bokkaboom for Streethearted videos, illustration was done by Vladimir Medarevic and Animation, 3D models and backgrounds produced by Marko Pejcinovic Mavko.

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MCMI REPORT: Phantasm (Cella Dwellas) – Shed No Tears (Official Video)


Since the days of the Lyricist Lounge, when the Cella Dwellas were the hot up and coming group that we loved to hear freestyle on the radio, perform onstage and spit in the cyphers, I have admired the originality of these brothers U.G. and Phantasm (pka The Tallman). Their style was something new brought to the game and while there were some imitators, no one was ever able to duplicate their mixture of Realms & Reality (the name of their 1996 Debut album on LOUD Records). Since then, they have changed the group name to The Dwellas and also have put out solo work.

This time up to bat is Phantasm, taking on a subject that touches dear to my heart, the reality that all men must die and asking his friends and family to Shed No Tears when it is his time to go.

After the deaths of two comrades in the music industry, Pumpkinhead & Sean Price, the lyrical vet was inspired to write on this topic, thinking about his own mortality. Directed by Olise Forel for Moving Silence, the visuals are moving and as a friend of both PH and Sean Price (who the video is dedicated to), I was moved to tears, despite the title.

Glad to see this veteran spitter putting in work, telling the true stories that need to be told. This is real Hip Hop at its finest.

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Shabaam Sahdeeq – Keepers Of The Lost Art (Official Video)

Shabaam SahdeeqShabaam Sahdeeq – Keepers Of The Lost Art (Official Video)

Sahdeeq-Album-cover350The album “Keepers of the Lost Art” has been bubbling for awhile. Packed with dope tracks from S-dubb -aka- Shabaam Sahdeeq, the veteran Brooklyn spitter who first blessed us with vinyl on Rawkus Records in the 90′s and was one of the first to recognize the talents of a then unsigned Eminem, featuring him on his single “5 Star Generals” back in the day, this album is a recipient of an Underground Music Award for best indie album of 2014. This video was on youtube then removed and reloaded twice due to mistaken content issues which have since been cleared up (you know how youtube is). It’s back up, so I thought I’d throw it up here, to give it some more light.

If you missed this album, you should definitely grab it, it is full of that boom gap original New York rap, with tons of features and an excellent beat selection.

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David Dallas – Runnin’ [Official Video]

Duck Down Music was founded on Brooklyn spitters from the Bootcamp Click (BCC), but David Dallas’s new album, ‘Falling Into Place,’  which dropped on Oct 22nd, went #1 on New Zealand iTunes first and is now picking up steam in North America. This is the video for the lead single “Runnin”, which is now a sports anthem due to placements on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, FIFA 14 Soundtrack, Madden 25 trailer, Major League Baseball’s postseason coverage, and NFL Thursday Night Kick-Off.

David Dallas Falling Into PlaceThe video, directed by Tom Gould, captures beautiful outdoor scenes of what I assume is the New Zealand countryside.

When Eminem comes to New Zealand for the first time ever, for his concert at Auckland’s iconic outdoor Western Springs Stadium, David Dallas will be opening for him, along with performances by Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, so his future is looking real bright right now.

If you like the video/single, you can stream the whole album at Billboard.com and purchase the single here: http://smarturl.it/Runnin.

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