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MCMI Report: Jay Lonzo – Live! From Brooklyn (Official Music Video) #MCMI

MCMI Report: Jay Lonzo – Live! From Brooklyn (Official Music Video) #MCMI – Newcomer Jay Lonzo drops a couple of introductory verses over a Statik Selectah/Mac Miller/ Terminology track. I have to put the MCMI stamp of approval on this one. Full disclosure: Jay Lonzo is the son of a friend of mine. I helped him record his first freestyle for Soundcloud not too long ago. He has tremendous talent. His songwriting is excellent as well. Hooks, concepts, storylines, not what you expect from a 15 year old. I told him to keep honing his skills, keep the right team around him and in a year or two he would be a beast.

MCMI Report: Jay Lonzo - Live! From Brooklyn

Well, Jay is not trying to wait that long! In only a few months he crafted this banger, recorded it with the help of the homie Marc Bars (aka Mr. Metaphor from Brooklyn Academy), got with his team of like-minded individuals and shot this video. AmbrosiaForHeads has already branded him “the next great Brooklyn MC” and says

“One listen to his song, “Live! From Brooklyn,” … reveals an artist who sounds like he’s put in years of work”

Well, although he is young, Lonzo actually has put in years of work. Work writing in the pad, listening to the greats, learning from his pops, (who rhymes and sings himself, but keeps it on the low), working with MC’s, producers, photographers and video directors and getting knowledge from everywhere he can. That’s how he can drop gems like

How come, ain’t no MC’s like Malcom, Practice what you preach ain’t preachin’ inside ya albums?”


“Just because you post up with a vest doesn’t mean that you’re iron proof.”

On the set of his video, directed, shot and edited by by Jay, Ezru and Kodagenic, I saw that he had assembled a formidable team, friends his age, (The Goodz Productions, J Da Liberator, Fresh The Prophet) who are positive, creative and about their business. It was great to see Mom and Dad there encouraging Jay to follow his dreams. I think a strong foundation of family will help this promising MC stay grounded, avoiding the common pitfalls of the streets and the music industry.

From the sound of what he’s spittin’ in this video, I’d say the wait is over – Jay Lonzo has arrived! You can expect a lot of heat from this kid. You can quote me on that.


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MCMI Report: Jay Lonzo – Live! From Brooklyn (Official Music Video) #MCMI

MCMI Report: NIKMOODY – “Ms. Anne Thrope” Ft. Luke DiCola (Official Music Video)

MCMI Report: NIKMOODY – “Ms. Anne Thrope” Ft. Luke DiCola (Official Music Video)

MCMI Report: NIKMOODY - "Ms. Anne Thrope" Ft. Luke DiCola 

Over 10 years ago I worked as a Music Teacher / Band Director / Chorus Director at a school in Canarsie, PS 276. While I worked there I made lasting friendships with several of the teachers. One, “Ms. Kelly” had a nephew who was just a little boy at the time.

Well, that young man grew up and started putting out music. Knowing that I am into Hip Hop, she sent me a couple of his songs and videos. I listened to them, because his aunt is my friend. But you know what? He’s very good! The kid can rap, write hooks, pick beats, write songs – I’m feeling his music. So I thought I’d throw up his latest video and see what you guys think.

MCMI Report: NIKMOODY - "Ms. Anne Thrope" Ft. Luke DiCola

One thing I like about the kid, he is not bragging and boasting, he is telling his story and that is a major part of hip hop, telling the truth, expressing your reality, not trying to be like anyone else and doing so in style.

The song, “Ms. Anne Thrope” Ft. Luke DiCola, was produced by Eldar-Q. The video was shot, directed, edited by Tefe Bell, starring Crystal Nicole & Luke DiCola.  The animation was done by Tim Ballard. Let me know what you think of the video. I think this kid has a career on his hands.


MCMI Report: NIKMOODY - "Ms. Anne Thrope" Ft. Luke DiCola

MCMI Report: NIKMOODY – “Ms. Anne Thrope” Ft. Luke DiCola (Official Music Video)

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PH – “County of Kings” ft. ShaStimuli, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx, LR Blitzkrieg (Single)

PH feat. Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx, & LR Blitzkrieg

“County of Kings” Produced by The Beatgees

Brooklyn MC PH (formerly Pumpkinhead), has teamed up with some of Brooklyn’s best MC’s for the new anthem County of Kings, off his soon to be released album KNOW The LEDGE, a precursor to the highly anticipated project, The Revenge Of Radames on MCMI Records.

PH says,

“Brooklyn needed a new anthem, something fresh, new and something that maintains and represents the gritty nature of my borough, so I enlisted some friends for this task in the form of Sha Stimuli, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx, and label mate LR Blitzkrieg. Along with me, these 4 mc’s each add a jewel in the crown that is Brooklyn. The County of Kings”.

County of Kings logo artwork

This song will be played in the same vein as Crooklyn Dodgers – a new generation of representatives for a new generation of music lovers, as PH spits bars like:

“We from where gangs is everywhere, fathers is never there / where they clap chrome the backbone of the eastern hemisphere / you shop on Rodeo Drive? We shop on Fulton Ave, you ride in limousines? We ride in dollar vans/ your favorite rappers alive? Our favorite rapper died/ If you an outcast you get cast out and cast aside/ If you put a nine year old on blast, he might blast a nine. The flyest borough. Too thorough, you can’t deny!”

The complete project “KNOW The LEDGE“, a street album of all new original music from PH, drops August 9th, 2011 on MCMI Records. The Clean, Explicit and Instrumental versions are packaged individually and together on iTunes, Amazon and most digital stores, internationally. If you just want the “main” version, you can head over to MCMI’s BandCamp page, where you are also able to Pre-Order the album.

Those who Pre-Order get the single County of Kings (Explicit) and Hollywood (Free Bonus Download!) right away and will be mailed the link to download the rest of the album on or before August 9th, the official release date.

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