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PH MEMORIAL SHOW: Immortal Technique, Apathy, Dwellas, Nems, DNA, Charlie Clips

PH MEMORIAL SHOW: Immortal Technique, Apathy, Dwellas, Nems, DNA, Charlie Clips

PH MEMORIAL SHOW: Immortal Technique, Apathy, Dwellas, Nems, DNA, Charlie Clips

June 8th, 2018 10:30pm – 3am

(LR Blitzkrieg, GMS, Wildchild, PackFM, Tonedeff, MrMecc)



21+ ID is a MUST!!
@MERCURY LOUNGE: 217 E Houston St, NYC 10002
TICKETS: $10 ADV / $15 day of, at door *

* Proceeds from Ticket Sales, Merch and all Contributions go to the children of Robert PH Diaz. Thank you for your support!

What more can be said about this legendary MC, friend, father and true artist, who did a lot for Hip Hop, fellow artists and the battle rap game that hasn’t been said already? The friends and family of PH aka PUMPKINHEAD have dedicated ourselves to keeping his legacy alive, musically and in support of his seeds. The events are packed with great music from incredible artists, but are also a great time to reconnect with fam, remember PH and toast to those who are gone but not forgotten, as many good brothers and sisters have transcended in recent years.

PH MEMORIAL SHOW: Immortal Technique, Apathy, Dwellas, Nems, DNA, Charlie Clips

Salute to EVERYBODY on the bill (and those not on the bill), because everyone is donating their time whether promoting, working the event or performing onstage. Previous memorial shows featured a gazillion artists, who were all PH’s friends and musical collaborators, but with so many on the stage each artist got very little shine in the few minutes allotted. This year we scaled it back a bit, so that the line up will not be the same every show and the artists have more time to pay homage with their musical renditions.

Shouts to Doc Ahk who did much of the legwork, booking and promotions, the flyer itself and is one of the best event promoters and stage managers in New York. The show is going to be incredible – of course. IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE will inspire, motivate and incite. APATHY joining us is a new treat. The CELLA DWELLAS are definitely a hometown favorite. While notorious for their battle rap careers, this is an awesome opportunity to hear artists like NEMS, DNA, CHARLIE CLIPS and Team HOMI flex their material, a countermeasure to the mumble rap music movement (YOU WILL HEAR ACTUAL WORDS! LOL) and represents 100% REAL HIP HOP.

PH MEMORIAL SHOW: Immortal Technique, Apathy, Dwellas, Nems, DNA, Charlie Clips

These will be available at the event – while supplies last!!

As for my crew, The PLAGUE? … hell yeah, we will do our thing! Not about to let anybody upstage us, LOL. The BAD SEED is rocking joints from his new project SEED x NOTTZ, produced by NOTTZ obviously and that is all I need to know. Seed with the verses, Nottz with the beats. Let’s go!

Me (GMS), Wild Child, LR Blitzkrieg, PackFM, MrMecc and Tonedeff, plus Poison Pen (who reps Team Homi, Stronghold and The Plague) and DJ DP ONE are coming with some classics, but also some brand new material, which has never been performed before. All in honor of our fallen champion, the Underground King, PH aka PUMPKINHEAD!

Other DJ’s ECLIPSE, TOSHI & JOE BODEGA will keep the party rockin’ before, after and in between sets and the whole night will be hosted by EOW (End of the Weak) so this night is going to be extra special!

#ripPH #PHforever #RobertPHDiaz #PUMPKINHEAD

Celebrate Life!

Stay blessed!


PH MEMORIAL SHOW: Immortal Technique, Apathy, Dwellas, Nems, DNA, Charlie Clips


MCMI RADIO LOGOReal Hip Hop. Real Talk.

Previous                    Ep 5 – “BROOKLYN’S FINEST”                    Archives
Friday – July 13, 2012

Host: GMS
Celebrating the best MC’s, songs, producers and DJ’s from Brooklyn, NY.

Who are your favorites?Brooklyn's Finest Cover

Click for FREE Download “Brooklyn’s Finest Vol. 1: This is Brooklyn. This is Hip Hop.” by DJ’s GMS & DP ONE

I played tons of music from Brooklyn artists – with a few non-Brooklyn artists mixed in there as well, while co-host LR Blitzkrieg gave us some news on Brooklyn topics of interest, such as Jay-Z adding 5 new dates to his Barclay Center Nets Arena concerts, since the first few sold out instantly at as much as $250 a ticket. We talked about Marv Won vs Math Hoffa and other upcoming PoisonPen.tv/URL battles and took requests off the air, but we mostly just hit you with music, music and more music. The artwork above, from the single “County of Kings” ft. ShaStimuli, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx & LR Blitzkrieg, off PH’s album Know the Ledge. It is available as a tee shirt at MCMI Apparel and we will have some at our booth Saturday at the BKHHF.

@GMS_MCMI | @LR_Blitzkrieg | @PH_TeamHOMI | @PoisonPenBK | @MCMIreport

Nems “Who I Be/Gorilla Warfare” (Video)

Nems is on fire right now, not that I ever doubted him! Off his new mixCD “Filthy Fly Sh*t”, this double video gives you a lot bang for your buck.

Directed/Edited by: T.o.M (Theory of Mind), the video is kinda simple – a dope MC … MCin’! Nems is who he is and he puts who he is down on tracks. When the camera’s on him, it is just documenting reality. I have only known Nems for a couple years but I feel like I know him since grade school. A dope artist can do that to you. Enjoy!


available at www.CreativeJuicesMusic.com
or on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/filthy-fly-sh-t/id442471720

Fuck Your Lyfe Shirts Available Now: $19.99 http://bit.ly/kt3Rtl

Nems – Prezident’s Day – OUT NOW !!!
6 Bonus Tracks On iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/prezidents-day/id397800977


also find Nems on
www.ughh.com , www.sandboxautomatic.com , and more


Nems goes in on this intense story of brotherhood and friendship, holding each other down in everyday in the struggle. This is not some bubble gum rap. Nems pulls your heart-strings on this one. The chorus is beautiful. The imagery of the bullet and the dove are cinematic. The video is shot like a movie. Watch the video and leave a comment below.

This is off the project “That Filthy Fly Shit”.

AVAILABLE NOW on iTUNES and www.CreativeJuicesMusic.com

Filmed, Directed, Edited by S.Filmz Graphics & Multimedia
Co. Directed By: CEO Chev & Manson Thugacation


Destruments: Free Form – Nems x I Am Many x CF x Swave Seveah

This first single from the albumSurpassing All Others“, featuring East Coast allstars Nems, I Am Many, CF, Swave Sevah, is called “Free Form”. These guys all go in and have very different styles. It’s hard for me to say who ripped it more. Okay, I admit it – it’s really that they are all personal friends of mine, so I ain’t saying! (Haha) But you can, in the comments below!

Produced by Hi-Fi Netwerk

If you like the single, go to iTunes and get the album, out on Creative Juices Music.  The album features appearances from heavy hitters from the East, West, North and South, including Killah Priest, Jise (Arsonists), Quite Nyce, Swave Sevah, IDE, Alucard, Nems, The Day Laborers, Has-Lo, CF, Respect the God, Othello, Ammbush , Tron 7 & Jermiside.
Free Form: Ft. Nems, I Am Many, CF & Swave Sevah


01.) You Better Know
02.) You Got It (feat. Day Laborers)
03.) Deadly Fang (feat. Alucard, Ide & Killah Priest)
04.) The ZeeOheNeE (feat. Othello)
05.) Got Love (feat. Tron 7 Seize & T Truth)
06.) Skin Deep
07.) That Fire (feat. CF)
08.) Nightwatchin (feat. Need Not Worry)
09.) Fly Away (feat. Respect Tha God & Sweet T)
10.) Transworld Express (feat. Jise)
11.) And Beyond…
12.) The Set Up (feat. Ide)
13.) Another Caliber (feat. Has-Lo)
14.) Forever Mine (feat. Quite Nyce)
15.) Reflection (feat. Ammbush)
16.) Last Sunset
17.) Free Form (feat. Nems, I Am Many, CF & Swave Sevah)