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KRS ONE Live in New York! (“One Night Only”) @ SOBs

As we celebrate the 40th Birthday of Hip Hop, let’s celebrate one of the Gods of Hip Hop, the man who said “I Am Hip Hop” and “Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something we Live!” Here, this video will remind (or edu-tain) you what KRS ONE contributes to Hip Hop culture. If you are in New York, come through to SOBs tonight and prepare to be amazed that the “Blastmaster” still has it! And hosted by none other than MCMI’s own @MrMECC!



“TWELVE” ft. HYDRA (GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, WildChild) & DOMINION (PackFM, Substantial, MrMecc)

MCMI Records x QN5 Music present …

“TWELVE”, a joint venture between MCMI Records and QN5 Music, features DOMINION (PackFM, Substantial, MrMecc) and HYDRA (GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, WildChild), who met 12 years ago and joined forces as part of the Hip hop crew
The Plague (-aka- “Army of the 12″).
The dark WildChild produced track sees each artist kicking 12 bar verses,
was recorded on 12/12/12 and is now released on 12/21/12. The track is exactly 4:35 in length (4+3+5= 12).
Now it’s time for you to download this track for 12 dimes (suggested donation, you can DL it for free if you want), listen to it 12 times and pass it along to 12 of your friends!
Any support is appreciated, whether monetary or spreading the word!
Stream + Download: “TWELVE” ft. Hydra x Dominion

* More music from The PLAGUE on the way!

MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. “Best of …” (Ep 8)

MCMI RADIO LOGOReal Hip Hop. Real Talk.

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FRIDAY August 10, 2012

Hosted by GMS
Co-hosted by LR Blitzkrieg

MCMI RADIO Ep 8 Photostrip

GMS, Blitzkrieg, PackFM, WordsWorth, Substantial, Poison Pen

Photos & Description after the jump.


PackFM + MrMecc & GMS @ Rocksteady 35th Anniversary (Photos)

PackFM with GMS, Mecca and friends

Waitin’ for the video footage to be edited, but in the meantime, check these awesome pics sent to us by Bryan at The Bee Shine, Photo Rob and Robert Adam Mayer. Good looks, homies. For more pics of everyone that day, visit Mugs.smuggmuggs.com and check out TheBeeShine.com for artist interviews about what inspires them. Shout out to Rock Steady Crew and Crazy Legs, who just turned 46 and is still battling breakers and spreading the art of breakin’ to younger generations.

PackFM with GMS Mecca and friends

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If you were at last years festival, you know that it was hosted and headlined by Q-Tip & Friends … well, those friends happened to include an incredible line up of talent, such as M.O.P., Busta, Kanye West, Black Thought, Kendrick Lamar, Homeboy Sandman and more. All of the performances were amazing, but there were a couple of moments when the crowd just lost it and everything seemed surreal, like we were a part of history (we were). One of those moments was when Busta Rhymes came onstage at the last moment in Q-Tip’s performance of ATCQ’s “Scenario”, right when his verse is supposed to come in, at “Yo Mr. Busta Rhymes, tell ’em what I did”. Bussa Buss came out with “I heard you rushed and rushed, on attack” on cue and it was pandemonium! Tip was up there doing all parts of the song himself, and Busta’s presence on the scene was kept unknown, so us in the audience figured he was just doing the whole song himself. We secretly lamented that Buss wasn’t on hand to at least do his incredible show stealing verse at the end of the song. So when he jumped onstage to our surprise, it raised the energy of the entire show.

The other moment of pure pandemonium was when Kanye West came out helping Kamal the Abstract with “Award Tour” before thrilling us with “Dark Fantasy” and “All of the Lights”. That was even more unexpected and after that everything seemed surreal.

What amazing “friends” will Busta bring out this year? We don’t know, but we will be there to witness history again, this time from our MCMI Booth. Come find us and say whattup! At any given time you may find GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, PH, PackFM or MrMecc at the booth, signing merch, interviewing people for our Blog and Radio Show or spittin’ freestyles and verses off of FMV4 & Know The Ledge. Mics and cameras will be on hand. You never know what may happen.

More Info: http://www.bkhiphopfestival.com/2011/
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