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The Bad Seed: 6th Man Radio Premier (Audio)

The Bad Seed

So ya boy Bad Seed -aka- NiggalisCage has started something the world of Hip Hop radio was definitely missing: An “Adult Contemporary Hip Hop & RnB” radio show. What does that mean? Well, right now mainstream urban radio is super youth driven. You mostly hear everything marketed to 11 to 19 year olds. Then you have a few underground radio stations and shows and those tend to play brand new independent artists and nothing else.

So what’s missing? How about old school and new music that grown folks like to listen to? Some of it might be “underground” but a lot of it will be mainstream as well. Some songs appeal to adults as well as young kids, but let’s face it – most of us are pretty tired of hearing the same 7 songs on repeat all day, with mostly immature content, nothing grown and sexy, no classics, no positivity, etc.

So where can you go to hear that good-good? Welcome to 6th Man Radio! The show lives on GetYourzWorld.com

This episode is sort of a pilot, a test run to iron out the kinks. It should hold you for now and then starting in March the show will air every Saturday, 7:30 to 9:30pm. The premise and format of the show is : ADULT CONTEMPORARY HIP HOP/OLD
SCHOOL R&B/ AND 80’S ERA MTV MUSIC. Seed has a co-host, the lovely Nadine Michel and two special guests, MIMS and JEAN GRAE call in the show for this first episode.


Seed Mims Jean Grade

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bad seed side eye pick

Review by GMS

I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly sure what “o_O”, in the title of this project meant. I knew it had something to do with Texting and Twitter, so … I asked a 12 year old. “Side-eye, you know like muhf*@!as is lookin’ at you side-eyed, nahmean?” he asks me. Um, yeah, now I do.  Damn.

Now that I understood the title and the cover art, I popped the CD in my car stereo and prepared to ride out. The following is a track by track review and description.

1. INTRO- DOWN TO THE WIRE – This is a typical mixtape intro, with quotes from movies. It’s cool, puts you in a mood, leading up to the first song, “Let Us Pray”

2. LET US PRAY(produced by VES) The concept is exactly what the title suggests. “I ain’t super Holy, but, I know right from wrong,” Seed exclaims and then describes how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. The beat drops with a kick, bass and a preacher singin’ about God. Super soulful. Seed does a lot of concept songs, like “Lil Voice’s”, “You Ain’t My Daddy” and “Julie” (google those videos). “LET US PRAY” is one of those. The song is about somethin’. The music is sophisticated. Seed surprises us by singing the chorus himself (no autotune!). I love this joint.

3. MESSAGE FROM PETE ROCK – shout outs from Pete Rock, mixtape style. PR tells us how he used to play his joint on the radio all the time and how he got his back. That’s awesome, hope a PR beat comes from that in a future project.

4. 9X OUTTA TEN FEAT. HATIAN (produced by VES) – The beat hits you right away, like Daaamn this gon’ be a banger! It is produced by VES, same as the previous track. In fact, VES does the lion share of production on the project. This is a cautionary tale about the snakes in the game, corrupt politicians, feds,  that “nine times outta ten” throw salt in the game. I love this joint up until 2:17, where Haitian comes in, spittin’ dancehall style. His lyrics are not bad, but something sounds off about how it lays on the beat. It might be the mix. It sounds like his vocals were done somewhere else and then flown in. They don’t match the quality of Seed’s vocals. Song is still dope though.

* DOWNLOAD LINK after the jump!