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GrandMixer DXT & Baby T – Hip Hop Pioneers (TheBeeShine Interview)

GrandMixer DXT is arguably the first DJ turntablist. He was mentored by Kool Herc and is featured on Herbie Hancock’s groundbreaking single “Rockit”. He and Baby T, one of the very first female MCees, are two Hip Hop pioneers who have a lot of history to  share, telling stories about the first parties and Hip Hop performances in the 1970’s & 1980’s.

TheBeeShine.com interviewed both of them together, providing a fascinating glimpse into the adventures of another time, when baby Hip Hop was in its infancy stage. In those days, it was not about a check. It was about rocking the party, being creative and having fun. Of course, there was also a lot of violence that cast a dark shadow over the culture.

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Cappadonna – Eyrth, Wynd & Fyre (Album Sampler)

Cappadonna is back with some more Wu bangers! Check out this album sampler and also check out yesterday’s Wu Tang Clan Tribute episode of 6thManRadio, where Cap, the Bad Seed and I had a conversation about life on the road with Wu Tang Clan and his new album, dropping in January on RBC Records.


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File this song by Tommy Flyguy under the category of music I just happened to come across, thought was dope, have no connection to the producer, artist, label, etc. and threw up on the site. There is no payola, nepotism or artificial flavor of any kind  at MCMIreport. We just do what we do. Sometimes its a hit, sometimes its a miss, but its always real, based on the feelings, views and opinions of the MCees who run this shit from behind – and in front of – the scenes.

That being said, the video, directed by Donny V., grabbed my attention because its been rather gloomy in New York the past week, raining and overcast everyday, so the visuals were soothing, mad it not feel so bad that it is actually raining outside my window right now. So I let it play and the music, produced by Tek Nalo G (sound it out), is pretty dope. So I’m noddin’ my head in front of the computer, waiting to see what’s up with Tommy Flyguy. Will this be something I wanna hear or will I be closing this window momentarilly? … (more…)


Cold war PAckFM TonedeffIf you know QN5 Music’s TONEDEFF and PACKFM you know that both of them are known for spectacular showmanship and lyricism. Tonedeff founded QN5 Music, the label that brings you him, Pack, Cunninlynuists, Substantial, Ef@mm, Kokayi, Mr. SOS and more. Every year, fans travel from all over the world to NY or LA (depending where they hold it each year) for the QN5 MEGASHOW, a truly phenomenal event. PackFM has toured Europe, Canada and the states to the point where his next album will be entitled “The Human Highlight Reel”.

Both are known for their sick senses of humor as well. Just research all the skits on PackFM’s albums, and the character “Squigee” from Ef@mm. The watch all of the preview videos for any of the Megashows over the years. (I don’t know HOW they are gonna top that last one with the sock puppets!)

Now, besides the Megashows, Tone and Pack haven’t performed much together in a few years, but they are both headlining this benefit “Cold War“. I know something crazy is going to happen, so I had to post a blog just to let you know you do not want to miss this show tonight. It is going to be one for the ages.

Hope you’re in or near NY!

Performances by

PACKFM (QN5 Music)
Population Control/SiriusXM)

HASSAN MACKEY (Lunch Breaks/RockSteadyCrew)

JOHNNY OCTOBER (Lunch Breaks/)

Music by GMS (MCMIreport)
+ MEKA (2DopeBoyz)
@ SOUTHPAW – 125 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Date: Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
Doors: 8pm
Admission: $10    ($5 with coat donation)

Click to RSVP on FaceBook

Cold War Tonedeff PackFM

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