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The Black Opera: “Queen of Hearts” feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Download + Video)

We’ve told y’all about Black Opera before, on MCMI RADIO, but some of y’all weren’t listening. Now’s your chance to redeem yourselves. The original was tough, but of course Oddisee kills it on the remix. This one comes with a damn good video as well. And its free! You can’t beat that! Props to MelloManMusicGroup.

Free Download The Black Opera: “Queen of Hearts” feat. Mayer Hawthorne
Album: The Black Opera “Libretto: of King Legend”

Black Opera - Queen of Hearts

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MCMI RADIO: “End of Days” Episode (12.21.12)

MCMI RADIO End of Days Ep

Every Friday, hosts GMS and LR BLITZKRIEG play new and classic music, interview special guests featured on MCMIreport.com, while listeners join in on the “real talk”, by calling 646-478-3599.

THIS Friday, December 21, 2012, will be our special “END OF DAYS” Episode. We know, the MAYANS predicted the world would end today, so you are all in your bunkers, with  nothing to do but wait and play on your computer, so why not enjoy some top quality online radio?

Today’s show will be broadcast live from 6pm to 8pm and be available on demand afterwards. Click the logo to get to the show.

We will be playing some brand new Hip Hop, like Big Sean’s “100″ ft. Kendrik Lamar + Royce 5’9, plus classics that go with our “END OF DAYS” theme, like PH’s “Anthem for the End of the World” ft Jean Grae, “24 Hours to Live” by The Lox, DMX, Black Rob and Ma$e, and so on.

We will also unveil the brand new PLAGUE song, TWELVE“ ft. HYDRA (GMS, LR BLITZKRIEG, WILDCHILD) x DOMINION (PACKFM, SUBSTANTIAL, MRMECC), which was recorded on 12.12.12 and dropped today, December 21st, 2012, at 12noon, simultaneously on MCMI Records & QN5 Music

Whether the world comes to an end or not, this will be the last MCMI RADIO of2012, as we will either be gone … or will be on vacation until the new year. If all goes well (with the world), we will return to the airwaves January 4th 2013, to talk New Year’s resolutions and play MCMI’s top 12 artists, top 12 songs and top 12 artists of 2012. Until then …

MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk.


SHA STIMULI: The Upper Room – #10 in The Rent Tape Series

Sha Stimuli Upper Room cover

Sha Stimuli took the month of October to hit the studio and tell us some things that are on his mind. Now in November the unique slice of life that is EP #10 of The Rent Tape Series, is revealed - “The Upper Room”.

With the 10th installment of The Rent Tape Series, Sha Stimuli explores life and what happens after it with The Upper Room. The mildly dark yet reflective EP features production by Agor, Broad N Market, Ta-Ku, Stu Bangaz, and vocals from Blaq Poet, Reef The Lost Cauze, and Jermaine Paul, winner of television show, The Voice. As the series is nearing its end, Sha talks about the end of it all and prepares listeners for the last two EPs. One will be entirely produced by Focus, and the last by The Dynamite Bros. Stay tuned.

Each month Sha has poured his heart out on a different theme, concept or topic as part of his independent, straight to fans approach. Each EP is a cohesive collection of songs which show you where his mind was at for the previous month. For $5.00 you can support Sha Stimuli so he can continue to make music to pay his rent, allowing him to work on music full time, not constantly chase after his next (non-hip hop) hustle. The Rent Tape Series is about to come to an end, as once he reaches #12 (which he recently recorded while out at the AC3 Festival), that’s the end of the series.

Here is audio of MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk., when Sha stopped in as our guest, to explain the concept behind The Rent Tape Series and talk about his career and life in general.

Click “more” to see EP’s #1 – 9 in The Rent Tape Series

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Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Ep 18 Guest: AUDIBLE DOCTOR

Special Guest The Audible Doctor joins us to talk about his crew the Brown Bag Allstars, his career in production, his Free vocal EP which focuses on him as an MC, his new video for Baby Momma and his upcoming project executive produced by Large Professor! This episode also features new music as we always do on MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Hosted by GMS & LR Blitzkrieg, Friday October 19th, 2012.

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Sha Stimuli spoke to us on MCMI RADIO, hosted by GMS & LR Blitzkrieg, in great detail last Friday about his life, his career, his “The Rent Tapes” series and his future after these 12 EP’s are finished. Will he work on another full length comprehensive Album? Will he hang it up and quit the rap game? Anything’s possible. Meanwhile, Rent Tape #8 “The SAVIOR is available here. #9, entitled9.2.5“, just became available as well. After that, there’s three more to come and then that may or may not be “it”.

MCMI RADIO logo sloganYou can stream the interview from this player, or Download it as an MP3 and play it in iTunes or whatever player you use. If you want to subscribe to “MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk.”, search for 6thManRadio on iTunes and you will see all the shows on that station, including MCMI RADIO, which broadcasts live every Friday, 6pm to 8pm and can be downloaded as a podcast after the show airs. Recent guests include Masta Ace, Homeboy Sandman, Dutch Vega, Kosha Dills, D-Stroy, Substantial, Wordsworth and more. Find all of our past shows at MCMIreport.com/radio.

Our next show will be this Friday, October 19th, 6pm, when we will be playing new music and talking to The Audible Doctor of Brown Bag Allstars about his career as an MC, DJ and Producer.

DOWNLOAD MP3 of MCMI RADIO Ep 16 with SHA STIMULI | Website: ShaStimuli.com

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