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Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre and JAY Z – 3 Kings [Official Video]

Rick Ross feat. Dr. Dre and Jay Z – 3 Kings Official Video.

3 kings Jay Z Rick Ross Dr DreI know this is not new new, but its a real dope video (they call it a “Maybach Films Visual Piece“). I love the flashbacks to Dre and Jay’s pasts (Ross doesn’t do that as much but he doesn’t have 20 years in the game to build upon). The song (and video) are part flossing, part autobiographical storytelling, with a touch of street knowledge and politics. I know, some argue that Ross hasn’t earned the title of a “King” yet (though some think he has), but if you don’t give that to him lyrically, you have to admit he’s heavy on the business acumen. As for Dre (for beats, career) and Jay (lyrics, career), they definitely got it. Ross ain’t on their level yet, but he’s workin’ on it and this song with both giants certainly brings him one step closer.

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“Pu**y And Cologne (I Got It)” [Video]

Pussy & Cologne

Official video for Emilio Rojas‘ single “P@$$Y And Cologne (I Got It),” off of his project “Breaking Point.” I have liked all his previous songs and videos, for their creativity and lyrical content. I love this one for the ear and eye candy. It’s heavy on style and “entertainment value”, if you get my drift. Whether he is telling a deep personal story or bragging about how much p@ssy and cologne he smells like, the boys got flow. Presented by Billionaire Boys Club and fellow Rochester New York native DJ Green Lantern, the record was produced By Yung Shun.

We have heard that Rick Ross has shown interest in adding the talented MC to his MMG roster. This song and video shows that, all lyricism aside, Emilio can craft a commercial hit record, have mass appeal and has the look and charisma that can translate into star power (I’m trying real hard not to say “swag” here – -dolp!- I said it). If Rozay doesn’t scoop him up for his team, somebody else definitely will. I have a feeling Emilio is about to trade in all the problems he used to write about in his songs, for a whole batch of new ones (those that come from gaining ‘mo’ money’).

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