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MCMI RADIO: BAD SEED talks Thin Black Line & Police Brutality

Episode 1 – pt 1
MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Corey “BAD SEED” Pierson

For those who never knew about MCMI RADIO, it was launched Friday June 8th 2012, as part of the 6th Man Radio station (shout outs to Bad Seed), hosted on BlogTalkRadio. our first episode was MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Ep 1 “LYRICISTS LOUNGE” and continued for 50 straight episodes, until our final broadcast “MCMI RADIO: Ep 50 – Rock Steady Crew & End of the Weak”, on Friday, July 26th, 2013. The show was primarily hosted by myself (GMS) and my partner in MCMI, The Plague, Hydra and basically my brother from another mother, LR Blitzkrieg.


Over the year, we featured co-hosts and special guests including PackFM, MrMecc, Poison Pen, PH (#ripPH), Wordsworth, D-Stroy, Tonedeff, Sha Stimuli, Masta Ace, Mazzi, Vicky Green, Substantial, Bad Seed, Billy Screem (TeamHOMI), Organik (KOTD), Sara Kana, Homeboy Sandman, Vice Verses (EOW), Kosha Dillz, Audible Doctor (BrownBagAllstars), Chordz Cordero, yU, Steph the Saphic Songstress, The MarXman, Angel “Sweetness” Garcia (Pro Boxer) and Novell “Black Taoist” Bell (ManUpStandUp / BET’s “IRON RING”), I Am Many, Jess James Figeroa, Swave Sevah (TeamHOMI), Bryan from theBeeShine, Keith “Wild Child” Middleton, Icon the Mic King, and Kevin “DJ Organic” Fitzgerald (Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme).


After a year of doing the talk show live almost every week, LR Blitzkrieg and myself just couldn’t keep it up. The show took a lot of work, preparing, setting up interviews, getting crates ready. We needed to dedicate more of our time to the record label and to other aspects of MCMI, so we stopped doing the show.

Well, almost three years later – WE ARE BACK, BABY! This time the show will not be live and will not be weekly. It is now hosted on the MCMI YouTube Channel (Subscribe), which has MUCH better sound quality than BlogTalkRadio and will drop from time to time, whenever we have a good interview or something to talk about.


All of the previous BlogTalkRadio shows are archived and can be found on MCMIreport.com/radio-archives. That will be considered “Season 1”. The new shows on Youtube are “Season 2”. Some will be mostly audio, with photos and video clips inserted throughout. Others will be full video format. New music and videos will occasionally be featured between segments of talk.

The new shows will be alternately hosted by MCMI’s GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, Keith WildChild Middleton, MrMecc and other artists affiliated with MCMIreport.com and MCMI Records. So, subscribe, listen, like, comment, share and stay tuned!!!


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MCMI REPORT: Masta Ace and Rasco join DJ Create on ‘Let’s Go EP’ (Remixes by DJ Devastate & Koolade)


Masta Ace and Rasco join DJ Create on ‘Let’s Go EP’, with remixes by DJ Devastate and Koolade. At first I didn’t know what to think of this project – was it really an EP, or a single with a b-side? I mean, back in the day, this would have been a typical A-Side / B-Side vinyl single, with different versions of each song, and instrumentals and ‘a cappellas‘. Nowadays of course, with digital music such as downloadable MP3’s and CD’s there really aren’t two sides anymore. But then I clicked on the link to check it out and what to call it didn’t matter to me, it was just dope Hip Hop music.


The project consists of two songs produced by DJ Create, one featuring Brownsville native Masta Ace of the legendary Juice Crew and current rap group EMC, the other featuring Rasco, from San Fransico, who is half of Cali Agents (with Planet Asia). The original production by DJ Create is hot, but there are remixes of each song as well, equally flavor, by DJ Devestate who remixed ‘Let’s Go‘ featuring Ace, and Koolade, who redid ‘Let ‘Em Know‘ featuring Rasco. Like I said, both original versions plus the remixes are equally tight. I enjoyed every track. Which producer killed which joint harder will be a matter of opinion, but it is all worth listening to, so click the link and check it out for yourself.

Jonas Hilmersson created the artwork. Threshold Recordings partnered with Elite Fleet Records, to bring you the EP and both mixes of ‘Let’s Go’ are available on 7-inch yellow vinyl at UGHH, in limited quantities.


You can stream the tracks for free at AudioMack and SoundCloud, but I’m pretty sure you are going to want the instrumentals and aca’s for freestyles and remixes, and for that you have to support the project at  SpotifyAmazonGoogle PlayTidal or UGHH (Vinyl)Drop a comment and let me know which song or beat is the best out of the four.

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eMC: Charly Murphie [single]

This is the new single “Charly Murphie” by the super group eMC, which if you still don’t know consists of Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline and Striklinfrom their upcoming EP “The Turning Point” ….. available for pre-order May 6th, on M3 Records.

eMC Charly Murphie
eMC: Charly Murphie #roadtotheturningpoint

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DJ GMS: The LOVE IS Mixtape (Stream + Download)


Last year MCMI Records dropped the HYDRA song “Love Is …” right before Valentine’s Day. The song “Love Is …”, produced by Keith “WildChild” Middleton, is a celebration of the Love of Hip Hop and a challenge to any rappers who do this for the money, without a true Love for the art.

Now in 2014, on Valentine’s Day, we present yo you … “The LOVE IS Mixtape”, mixed by DJ GMS, with a special intro from LR Blitzkrieg and testimonials from Masta Ace, Torae, Sha Stimuli, PackFM, Substantial, Chordz Cordero, Rich Medina, DP One, WildChild and many more, talking about what Hip Hop means to them.

GMS DJ picThis 80 minute continuous blend of amazing music is a tribute to all the Hip Hop songs that celebrate Love of music, Love of the culture, Love of being in the studio, and Love of making something special for the people!

There are so many great artists on this CD, from The ROOTS, to SLUM VILLAGE, TORAE, MASTA ACE, BUSTA RHYMES, COMMON, MOS DEF, NAS, SCARFACE, ATCQ, ERYKAH BADU, SOUL PURPOSE, PHAROAHE MONCH, SNOOP, Dr. DRE, DE LA SOUL …  the list goes on and on. And of course, HYDRA!

So the next time you are in the mood for some “Love & Hip Hop”, put down the TV remote and put on “The LOVE IS Mixtape” – absolutely, 100% FREE!!! If you want to support, show your Love by coming to an event, copping a Tee or Sweatshirt off MCMIapparel.com, or other music on MCMI Records.

The Love Is Mixtape Back Cover

Stream as one continuous track on MixCloud
Stream + Download from BandCamp

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DJ Dister feat. Masta Ace – Ain’t No Thing

Yo this song “Ain’t No Thing” from Masta Ace & DJ Dister is dope! The track is banging’ and Ace always comes through on the lyricals. Salute to a Veteran MC who never fell off and still keeps it true, with new music, year after year after year. Produced by DJ Dister, with cuts by DJ Ill-O. The video, directed by Andy Martinez, features a dope graffiti piece done by Dister and Dejoe, filmed by Robert Dinero of Ṃ❍❍ℕŤℝ❍❍ℙ.

The DJ Dister Album Roll Wit Disis available on iTunes.

MCMI approved!


DJ Dister 

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