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[New Music] FREEDOM (How We Get) by GMS & CHORDZ CORDERO

Freedom (How We Get)

On Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, MCMI Records presents FREEDOM (How We Get)“, a musical collaboration between GMS (Hydra/The Plague/MCMI) and Chordz Cordero (Intaphaze/MCMI).

According to GMS, “The song kinda came about by accident. We were in the lab to work on something else and I had this beat playing. Chordz said, ‘Wait, leave that on. Let me write to that.’”

Ten minutes later, they recorded it. Once Chordz dropped his vocals on the track, the two knew they had something powerful on their hands. GMS added speeches from several historical figures who have championed the cause of freedom, to enhance the feeling of inspiration generated by Chordz’ lyrics and harmonies.

“I chose people who have stood up for people’s rights and fought for an ideal of freedom,” explains GMS.

GMS Brooklyn picGMS is an emcee in the group Hydra and a larger collective known as The PLAGUE. He has appeared on projects on QN5 Music and on PH’s last 2 albums “Orange Moon Over Brooklyn” (Soulspasm/Rawkus) and “Know The Ledge” (MCMI), as well as put out 2 Plague mixtapes featuring the crew. He also DJ’s and plays several instruments. He has been making tracks on the low for years, but this is the first song he has released as a producer.

“A lot of people know me as an emcee / lyricist.” GMS tells us, “Most people don’t know I am also a musician.”

Chordz Cordero is a Jamaica Queens artist that has been perfecting his skills as an emcee, singer, producer, andChordz Cordero MCMI musician since 1995. He has collaborated with artists such as St. Joe Louis, Brokn.Englsh, Daniel Joseph, Swave Sevah, and PH, to name a few. You might also remember him from playing the trumpet and singing the intro to PH’s song King Latifah at the Album Release Show at Southpaw.

“I met PH at a Jean Grae concert at Highline Ballroom a few years back,” Chordz recalls, “when he was performing with his former group Brooklyn Academy. After a few chats we got together to do some tracks for both of our projects.“

PH introduced Chordz to GMS and LR Blitzkrieg, his partners at MCMI Records.

“GMS gave me some beats to rock to and I had ideas for some, but nothing hit me like “Freedom“.”, Chordz explains. “I needed a song that spoke to the people and not just one group or race. “Freedom” is for all mankind. We live in a crazy world and everyone screams daily to be “free” from something (self destruction, poverty, prison, debt, social stigma, etc.). This is for all of us!”

The song is dropping on Jan. 15th 2012 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s on his birthday, but celebrates all those who have fought for freedom, from Bobby Kennedy, to Gloria Steinem, to Malcom X, to others in the worldwide struggle, including the struggle within ourselves.

DJ’s, producers, MC’s and Spoken Word artists who want to create remixes of the song, get in touch with GMS [at] MCMIreport.com. There will be a video contest announced in the near future as well.

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MeKoBane – The Balance, A Tribute to Malcolm X

Up and coming Bronx M.C. MeKoBane will be releasing the video to his newest single “The Balance” at 11:59am May18th, exactly one minute before the birthday of Malcom X whom MeKoBane pays tribute to in the video itself. The idea, concept and whole reasoning for song and tribute are really interesting and definitely something hip hops been lacking…..

Today’s young black males are very different from those of generations past — heroes such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X have been replaced by the glitz and glamor of rappers and basketball stars. But in the case of Bronx-bred Hip Hop artist MeKoBane, he can’t help but be inspired by the story of Malcolm X, having been born right next door to The Audubon Ballroom at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. A graduate of University of Albany, MeKoBane appreciates Malcolm X’s transition from a Hustler to an Intellectual, a Leader, a Spokesman, and a devout Muslim. And with Malcolm X’s birthday arriving on May 19th, MeKoBane felt a duty to pay homage to Malcolm X with “The Transition,” highlighting the beliefs that he represents — Discipline, Pride, and Love of Self.

“The Transition” represents the struggle of the Young Black Male to find Success as a Gentleman without having to be a “Hustler” or “Thug.” In the lead single “The Balance,” MeKoBane touches on the Young Black Male’s inner battle with “being yourself”, and the constant fight between Hustler and Gentleman. In the video, MeKoBane pays homage to Malcolm X on the steps of The Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz Youth Center (originally the Audubon Ballroom, where Malcolm X was slain). The video also contains excerpts from Malcolm X’s famous speech, “Who Taught You?”. This type of visual from the Hip Hop community hasn’t been seen since the days of Public Enemy, with MeKoBane being the FIRST Hip Hop Artist to stand in the very place where Malcolm X was shot.

Be sure to check back for the video @11:59 may 18th…