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MCMI REPORT: Erick Sermon – Vernia (Official Trailer)

MCMI REPORT: Erick Sermon – Vernia (Official Trailer)

MCMI REPORT: Erick Sermon – Vernia (Official Trailer)

MCMI REPORT: Erick Sermon - Vernia (Official Trailer)

The Funk Lord, Erick Sermon, releases the official trailer to his soon to be released album, Vernia. The album boasts features from AZ, Styles P, Big Krit, Malice, Too Short, Xzibit, K Solo and more.

With countless classics, hit songs, gold and platinum albums, Erick Sermon and EPMD are legends in the game, laying down the foundation for groups, solo artists, crews and labels. Are you anticipating this new solo project from the “Green Eyed Bandit”?

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MCMI REPORT: Erick Sermon – Vernia (Official Trailer)

Pusha T – Exodus 23:1 (Official Video)

This video is like a fatal accident on the side of the highway. It’s deep, dark, and filled with sadness –  and you can’t look away! I was riveted by the videos produced by Malice (now known as “No Malice”), when he was promoting the book about his revelation and spiritual awakening. This one has that same raw imagery, cast of smoke, streets, guns, crackheads and killers. Both Clipse members use stunning visuals that comliment the music and tell more of the story. Props to Samuel Rogers & Mike Carson, who shot and edited this.

The song is infectious, because it touches something real in your heart. That’s hook “Them n!gg@s ain’t dyin’ for you” is more than catchy, it embeds into your subconscious. I’m not taking sides in Pusha T and Lil Wayne’s beef – that’s their personal struggle, has nothing to do with me – but I will be entertained if they go at each other on wax. This is certainly not a “2nd Round Knock Out” or “SuperUgly” type of record. This is Pusha T’s call out. Let’s see if – and how – Wayne responds. And then let the games begin ,,,

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Malice of the Clipse: “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked”

malice bookRappers often refer to themselves as “writers” (as do taggers), but some also have written books. I can think of Chuck D, DMC, Buckshot of BlackMoon, Jay-Z, to name a few. Well, add Malice of The Clipse to that list. This is not an advice book, or a philosophy, it’s an auto-biographical excerpt of the MC’s life. Malice, born Gene Elliot Thornton Jr., gives you a look into his personal life, his beliefs, his struggles with drugs and depression and how faith in God helped him see his way through personal crisis.

I haven’t read the book yet, only listened to some excerpts, but when I do I will write an exclusive review for MCMIreport.com. I will say that this is the illest series of vignettes marketing the book. Check ’em out. You don’t have to watch in order. Each one has nothing to do with the other and you’re not really going to get any info, but you will be left with images ingrained into your memory, questions that need answering and a visual texture of what Malice may have in store for you in the book. If that doesn’t make you buy it, I don’t know what will, but I’ll be happy to let you know if its a good read and lend rent you my copy when I’m done. (Sold, not told, snitches, haha).
Good viewing…

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