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MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. “D-STROY” (Ep 6)

MCMI RADIO LOGOReal Hip Hop. Real Talk.

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Friday July 20, 2012

Hosted by GMS
Co-hosted by LR BLITZKRIEG
Guest: D-Stroy (MC/B-Boy/Host/Actor)

MCMI RADIO D-Story Photostrip

D-Stroy talks about his career, his favorite transformer and his new film project.

Photos after the jump. (more…)


MCMI RADIO LOGOReal Hip Hop. Real Talk.

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Friday – July 13, 2012

Host: GMS
Celebrating the best MC’s, songs, producers and DJ’s from Brooklyn, NY.

Who are your favorites?Brooklyn's Finest Cover

Click for FREE Download “Brooklyn’s Finest Vol. 1: This is Brooklyn. This is Hip Hop.” by DJ’s GMS & DP ONE

I played tons of music from Brooklyn artists – with a few non-Brooklyn artists mixed in there as well, while co-host LR Blitzkrieg gave us some news on Brooklyn topics of interest, such as Jay-Z adding 5 new dates to his Barclay Center Nets Arena concerts, since the first few sold out instantly at as much as $250 a ticket. We talked about Marv Won vs Math Hoffa and other upcoming PoisonPen.tv/URL battles and took requests off the air, but we mostly just hit you with music, music and more music. The artwork above, from the single “County of Kings” ft. ShaStimuli, Skyzoo, Ruste Juxx & LR Blitzkrieg, off PH’s album Know the Ledge. It is available as a tee shirt at MCMI Apparel and we will have some at our booth Saturday at the BKHHF.

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If you were at last years festival, you know that it was hosted and headlined by Q-Tip & Friends … well, those friends happened to include an incredible line up of talent, such as M.O.P., Busta, Kanye West, Black Thought, Kendrick Lamar, Homeboy Sandman and more. All of the performances were amazing, but there were a couple of moments when the crowd just lost it and everything seemed surreal, like we were a part of history (we were). One of those moments was when Busta Rhymes came onstage at the last moment in Q-Tip’s performance of ATCQ’s “Scenario”, right when his verse is supposed to come in, at “Yo Mr. Busta Rhymes, tell ’em what I did”. Bussa Buss came out with “I heard you rushed and rushed, on attack” on cue and it was pandemonium! Tip was up there doing all parts of the song himself, and Busta’s presence on the scene was kept unknown, so us in the audience figured he was just doing the whole song himself. We secretly lamented that Buss wasn’t on hand to at least do his incredible show stealing verse at the end of the song. So when he jumped onstage to our surprise, it raised the energy of the entire show.

The other moment of pure pandemonium was when Kanye West came out helping Kamal the Abstract with “Award Tour” before thrilling us with “Dark Fantasy” and “All of the Lights”. That was even more unexpected and after that everything seemed surreal.

What amazing “friends” will Busta bring out this year? We don’t know, but we will be there to witness history again, this time from our MCMI Booth. Come find us and say whattup! At any given time you may find GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, PH, PackFM or MrMecc at the booth, signing merch, interviewing people for our Blog and Radio Show or spittin’ freestyles and verses off of FMV4 & Know The Ledge. Mics and cameras will be on hand. You never know what may happen.

More Info: http://www.bkhiphopfestival.com/2011/
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MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Fridays 9PM (Episodes 1 & 2)

MCMI RADIO LOGOReal Hip Hop. Real Talk.

FRIDAY June 8, 2012 & FRIDAY June 15, 2012
Ep 1 – “LYRICIST LOUNGE” & Ep 2 “T.R.O.Y”

Over here at MCMI, we have been cooking up things behind the scenes, getting ready to hit you with a lot of developments and music over the summer. Last week, we launched MCMI RADIO, our Online Hip Hop Talk Show. The show airs live on Fridays between 9 – 10pm, but as soon as the show is done it is archived and available for playback, embedding, downloading, etc. so it becomes a podcast after that.


On the show you will hear from the characters at MCMI (GMS, LR BLITZKRIEG, PH, PACKFM, MrMECC, etc), plus special guests each week, talking about music and events that are up on MCMIreport.com and any interesting Hip Hop related news that week. We usually disagree, argue, and fight about everything, so we present many sides to an argument, each week. You also get hit with some great music that you don’t hear on mainstream radio much, so tune in for that as well.

If you missed last weeks MCMI RADIO (Ep 1), you can listen to it here.

We talked about the LYRICIST LOUNGE 20 Year Reunion show we had all been to, a Jean Grae show, and we played some ShaStimuli, Punchline, Words, Masta Ace, Strickland, Fara Burns, Kendrik Lamar and DMP.

TONIGHT’S TOPIC: After the dust has settled, who was wrong, Lupe Fiasco for the T.R.O.Y beat, or Pete Rock for being too sensitive?


No internet? Not near a computer? GET THE SHOW RIGHT ON YOUR PHONE, by calling (646) 478-3599. You can press a button if you want to speak to the host, or just listen.

Go HERE to listen, starting at 9PM.

*UPDATE: Here is episode 2, in the player below. Tune in next Friday @ 9pm for the next installment, where we will be interviewing PackFM about his new CD, his experiment with stand-up comedy and more…

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What Do You Think ?? Pete Rock And Lupe Fiasco Troy Sample (Poll)

Lupe Fiasco Pete RockLupe Fiasco hit’s us with a new record entitled “Around The Way”  (Freedom Ain’t Free), where the producer re-did the classic Pete Rock & CL Smooth record T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You), which was a dedication to the Heavy D and The Boyz member Trouble T-ROY. The song has a message and is very positive, something we need in the culture right now. So with that being said, I was on twitter when I saw the legendary @TheRealPeteRock tweet

“No disrespect to Lupe Fiasco and I like him alot but T.R.O.Y should be left alone. Feel so violated,the beat is next to my heart and was made Outta anguish and pain. When it’s like that it should not be touched by no one. It’s so hard for folks to make original music, I possess that, but these dudes are scared of that and this is supposed to be HIP HOP? Man I’m a lupe fan and everything but TROY was my homie man. I think about him and Hev every fucking day!!!! Smh”….

And he continues to state that the producer should be ashamed of himself that the beat is “Wack”. So people, we will let you be the judge – do you think that T.R.O.Y is that classic that should have never been re-done or touched? Or, based on the positive message that Lupe is sending out on his song “Around The Way”, do you think it’s ok?  You decide.

Is Lupe wrong for touching the Classic T.R.O.Y ?
See Results

* Just so it’s known, we at MCMI Respect both artists for their body of works throughout the years.

UPDATE: We had GMS, LR Blitzkrieg, PackFM, MrMecc & Poison Pen debate and discuss results of this poll on MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Ep#2. You can hear the show in the player below. 

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