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Murda Mook vs Iron Solomon Documentary + Full Battle + Loaded Lux vs Calicoe [VIDEO]


This was one of the most anticipated battles in recent times and the outcome was not what anybody expected. Not who won or lost, but how the whole thing went down. Some say the crowd was hating on one opponent. Some people debate whether it was 5-0, 4-1, or 3-2… What’s cool is this dope Documentary that helps you get to know both MC’s before the main event, similar to what they do on HBO with boxing. This helps both artists attain a higher level for their music careers, while providing entertainment for the rest of us. After the jump, you can watch the full Iron Solomon vs Murda Mook battle and I threw in the Loaded Lux vs Calicoe battle for those who may have slept on that.

All the videos and battles in this post are presented by SMACK / URL. Thousands attended the event “Summer Madness 2”, including Diddy, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes & Lloyd Banks. Like Iron Solomon says in the documentary, “almost all of the rappers in the industry are paying attention to battle rap and they appreciate the lyricism and the balls that it takes to step in that arena.” 

Please post comments, opinions on who won, etc. and if you want to talk to us, call in on Friday between 6 and 8pm, when we will be discussing this on MCMI RADIO, as part of our weekly “MCMI WORLD BATTLE REPORT”.

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FULL BATTLES! After the jump …


SUNDAY JULY 15: RUDE AWAKENING (Event Info x Videos)

This Sunday PoisonPen.TV and URL are hosting one of THE best cards in battle Rap I have ever seen! RUDE AWAKENING: Hosted by Poison Pen, Smack White, Immortal Technique & Sara Kana will bring you the match-ups of : Math Hoffa vs Marvwon  /  Swave Sevah vs Shotgun Suge  /  Moneybagz vs Heartless and More!
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Bow Wow – Yeah Yeah f. Lloyd Banks

I head this playing on SHADE 45 (SIRIUS/XM Radio) last night and I was amped. NOTTZ is one of my favorite producers. I always felt he was slept on, cranking out tons of amazing tracks for numerous artists but not seeming to get the recognition. Well, Bow Wow called in to the station and was talking about the record. He explained how he enlisted Nottz to produce this joint, also featuring G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks.

What makes the beat stand out is this winding bassy/guitar riff. What makes Bow Wow’s verse stand out is that … well, he’s nice.  Since ya boy got his grown man on, he can spit. Listen to the track and tell me if I’m wrong. Since outgrowing his “kid-rapper” status Bow Wow has struggled to convince the world that he’s got bars. Now signed to YMCMB, the dude is nasty, definitely Underrated, which is the perfect name of his upcoming album.

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