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De La Soul Is Back! New Album + Cool Flash Drives

De La Soul is back with a BRAND, NEW ALBUM entitled “and the Anonymous Nobody” their first studio release since “The Grind Date” in 2004! They are doing it 100% independent and they are recording in a way they never have before. They went into Vox Studio with tons of musicians – guitarists, bass players, drummers, keyboardists – all the best players, and recorded them jamming for hours. Now, they are going through listening back, looking for dope riffs, breaks, bass lines, etc. to “sample”, just like they are sampling a classic record, BUT they don’t have to pay for the sample because they own the publishing already. Brilliant!

De La Soul Heads

They are funding the project with a KickStarter campaign. They originally were trying to  reach the goal of $110, 000 but ended up with $412,000 so far and counting! Will they spend the extra loot on videos, marketing, features …?  They can pay themselves back for “what they did to the Cold Krush” for all I care, LOL! They earned it! As long as we get another amazing classic De La Soul Album, like we have grown accustomed to getting from them for so many years.

De La Thumb Drive 3De La Thumb Drive 2De La Thumb Drive 1

There are cool perks for giving to the Kickstarter, besides the album itself. The one I went for was the cool Flash Drive in the shape of the group members’ heads. I got Posdnous. You can get either of the three of them. Is’s a 1G flash drive, with the album, plus a bonus song. (Plus you can still use it as a thumb drive and make your fellow nerds jealous!) There are other great perks too, from vinyl to shirts and artwork. Go see for yourself, before May 2nd, if you want to claim one of the cool perks they are offering, before it’s too late.

@GMS_MCMI | wearedelasoul.com | @wearedelasoul


Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary (Kickstarter)

Even though I was SUUUPER young, I remember the day Graffiti Rock first came on like it was yesterday. My big brother was hyped and I was pouting because the show would air past my bedtime. After some pleading with my mom I was allowed to stay up and watch history in the making. This show changed everything! Hip hop was legitimized on national TV! In all forms! And though my 5yr old self found the host a bit corny (sorry Michael!) that didn’t change the fact that the Breakers were NYC street legends, The music was hip hop and the “battle” between Run DMC and the Treacherous Three was EPIC! Kool Moe Dee just mopped the floor with everyone!?! whoaaaaa!!!!
Needless to say this show made a big impact on me and many other so I’m definitely supporting the Kickstarter campaign to re-master it re-release it with TONS of new never before seen footage. check the video out for more info and/or CLICK THE LINK.


Okay, I thought that headline would grab your attention. Mr. Complex & D-Stroy are not only dope MC’s who have been putting out Hip Hop records since the 90’s. Complex has also been a director working on videos, films and television for years. Besides being nice with verbs and nouns (adjectives too!), D-Stroy is a clown with his hilarious tweets and Facebook posts, not to mention the Ustream.tv show he does with CrazyLegs of Rocksteady Crew, The Lunch Breaks Show.

Seriously though, the two have teamed up to create a feature film called “The Funny Thing About Making Sex” and are int he Kickstarter stages of fundraising for the project. Just watching this kickstarter video is mad entertaining, so with the name of the film, the poster art and the story line, I know this is gonna be the funniest movie ever! Already tapped to play key roles alongside D-Stroy are Black Thought, Jean Grae, Godfrey and Al Thompson. I’m gonna be mad if they don’t finish this movie soon, so please tweet, retweet, Facebook, etc. and get the word out!

“Our generation has a limited scope and range in its depictions of LOVE. As a fan of Hip-Hop culture, I couldn’t relate to most of the “Urban” characters I seen in Film, I was disheartened. I didn’t see myself or a person like me being represented. Having spent most of my life in the entertainment business, I wanted to explore characters and storylines that moved beyond stereotypes and one-dimensionality.” – D-Stroy

Read more to see pictures and read the storyline of the movie… (more…)