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ROSENBERG: On Second Thought, Kendrick’s Album Is A Classic

I like Rosenberg. Maybe its the bald white Jew in me (LOL), but a lot of times when he says something about an album or about something in Hip Hop, I tend to agree with him. But in this particular case, when he was saying “don’t go calling Kendrik Lamar’s album ‘Good Kid: M.A.A.D City’ a classic,” I was not on his side. I understand what he was saying, that a lot of people are too quick to label something new a “classic“, especially in this era where there is so much disposable music, but in this particular case, I think GKMC is the exception to the rule. I am glad Rosenberg took to the air, after a few more listens and totally changed his mind. He’s the man for admitting when he is wrong. Those glasses, on the other hand … smh.

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Kendrick Lamar Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays (VIDEO)

Not dick-riding, but props where props due. Kendrik Lamar destroys this, flawlessly, with a new verse you ain’t heard before! In other words, a FREESTYLE!! (Oh no, here we go again with the whole “off the top” debate, lol). Just enjoy the lyrics! He drops so many gems on this, I think he strung two or three verses together. Gotta rewind this and here it again. Shouts to Tony Touch “Toca Tuesdays” show on SHADE 45. He never disappoints.

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MCMI RADIO: Real Hip Hop. Real Talk. Fridays 9PM (Episodes 1 & 2)

MCMI RADIO LOGOReal Hip Hop. Real Talk.

FRIDAY June 8, 2012 & FRIDAY June 15, 2012
Ep 1 – “LYRICIST LOUNGE” & Ep 2 “T.R.O.Y”

Over here at MCMI, we have been cooking up things behind the scenes, getting ready to hit you with a lot of developments and music over the summer. Last week, we launched MCMI RADIO, our Online Hip Hop Talk Show. The show airs live on Fridays between 9 – 10pm, but as soon as the show is done it is archived and available for playback, embedding, downloading, etc. so it becomes a podcast after that.


On the show you will hear from the characters at MCMI (GMS, LR BLITZKRIEG, PH, PACKFM, MrMECC, etc), plus special guests each week, talking about music and events that are up on MCMIreport.com and any interesting Hip Hop related news that week. We usually disagree, argue, and fight about everything, so we present many sides to an argument, each week. You also get hit with some great music that you don’t hear on mainstream radio much, so tune in for that as well.

If you missed last weeks MCMI RADIO (Ep 1), you can listen to it here.

We talked about the LYRICIST LOUNGE 20 Year Reunion show we had all been to, a Jean Grae show, and we played some ShaStimuli, Punchline, Words, Masta Ace, Strickland, Fara Burns, Kendrik Lamar and DMP.

TONIGHT’S TOPIC: After the dust has settled, who was wrong, Lupe Fiasco for the T.R.O.Y beat, or Pete Rock for being too sensitive?


No internet? Not near a computer? GET THE SHOW RIGHT ON YOUR PHONE, by calling (646) 478-3599. You can press a button if you want to speak to the host, or just listen.

Go HERE to listen, starting at 9PM.

*UPDATE: Here is episode 2, in the player below. Tune in next Friday @ 9pm for the next installment, where we will be interviewing PackFM about his new CD, his experiment with stand-up comedy and more…

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