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Slaughterhouse drops an amazing video for “Goodbye”, featuring Joe Budden, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz spittin’ some heartfelt verses. In the past, the super-group has taken some criticism for mostly spittin’ hardcore street/battle lyrics, with plenty wordplay and metaphor, but not a lot of personal struggle. These real life stories are as real as it gets, things that everybody can relate to. The chorus and verses are heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time and might put a tear in the eye of the hardest of hardrocks. Slaughterhouse has definitely outdone themselves with this touching song and the video is beautifully directed. My only question is “Where’s Royce?”. Did something stop him from getting to the studio? Did he opt out for personal reasons? Was he edited out of this version (there was the remix with Fat Joe as well). Was the song just too long, at over 5 minutes, or is there another reason he is absent? Just wondering.

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Slaughterhouse Interview: Eminem, Frank Ocean, Yelawolf, Album, Labels


Yo shout out to HardKnockTV for this dope interview of Slaughterhouse. Nick Huff Barili asked some good questions. From what they are saying, their sophmore album is going to be rich in detail about their lives, not just witty punchlines (not that anything is wrong with punchlines). Royce explains how he is learning from the other 3 about that, cause he never really wrote about his personal life, he can spit metaphors and gun rhymes all day, but now he’s gonna go in more. Sounds like this next project is gonna be crazy! I’m still digesting the first album (pause?).