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Jean Grae on Comedy Central’s “Why with Hannibal Buress”

Jean Grae

July 29th, Jean Grae was the musical guest on Comedy Central’s “Why with Hannibal Buress“. She performed “Before The Summer Broke” live in front of the studio audience, backed by DJ Flying Lotus, along Ndidi O & Terrace Martin! The show also featured a segment where Buress asked people in Beverly Hills if they knew who Drake and Meek Mill were. Hilarity ensues.

Later, @JeanGreasy shared with her twitter followers:

Hannibal asked me to do “Before The Summer Broke” on Why? I sighed.REALLY hard song for me to perform, so I don’t usually. But I did. Tonite

It’s hard song to perform. I’ve only broken on 2 songs. That one and doing “U&Me” live. Sooo, you know. Watch Why? and see me being weird.

Watch the full episode here.

Jean Grae will be performing at SANTOS in NYC, Aug 5th, as part of the PH MEMORIAL TRIBUTE CONCERT, with IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, PHAROAHE MONCHE, SEAN PRICE, SADAT X and other artists.

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Jean Grae Raises Awareness To Mandela’s Message (REVOLT TV)

Our favorite friendly neighborhood superhero Jean Grae is usually known for blazing lyrics or satirical, humorous videos, but this time she gets serious at MADIBA restaurant on Dekalb Ave in Ft Greene/Clinton Hill, talking about her background, her parents and the importance of learning from South Africa’s struggles and Nelson Mandela’s legacy and message. Don’t know what I’m talking about? “Go online, Google it,” as Jean tells us. Happy  95th Mandela! Can’t wait for more music from Jean Grae, who is looking “Pretty In Ink“, to quote my man PH, in the video.
Jean Grae
Connect with Jean Grae at jeangrae.com

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Jean Grae – “Ho X 3″ (free Christmas EP)

Jean Grae Ho X 3

Look, we all know Jean Grae raps (I mean like really, rapitty rap, she’s f*ckin’ lyrical), but … this is not about that. You might not know that Jean can really sing, it’s all her singing on this project, but … it’s not really about that either.

Well then, how to explain? … I’ll just take Jean’s own words off of Facebook:

Jean Grae gifts us on Christmas again this year. Jamming all the fuckery into a tiny project, like she’s got her hand up a chickens butt. You know the routine. Some of your favorite songs get a once over and a reach around. It’s “Ho X 3″. There’s kids, rohypnol and a bass solo from Jerome.

Click to Download the full Ho X 3 Christmas EP and have yourself a Jeanie little Christmas!

P.S. If you want to hear some more holiday f*ckery from Jean Grae, jam out to Hellpit Faeries ”Jingle Fucking Bells EP” from last year.

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Jean Grae – Kill Screen (Video)

kill screen
GODDAMN Jean Grae is dope! One of the best MC’s I know AND an amazing producer ta boot, awhile back under the pseudonym RunRun Shaw Ms.Grae was really into her production but in recent years she has kinda step away from it…with this self produced track lets hope she’s also back on the beats.
Here is an excerpt of her interview with MTVhive:

You produced the song yourself. What sort of vibe were you going for?

Something eerie [and] sparse that allowed for a lot of room for wordplay; a lot of room to breathe on the track. I look at beats like a canvas: Sometimes you want a lush, full landscaped background, other times it deserves to be something more minimalistic. I wanted to paint on a minimal canvas.

Jean Grae – Kill Screen

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Iron Solomon – MONSTER (Album)

The EOW (End Of the Weak) and Battle rap beast Iron Solomon dropped his Debut album today with Appearances By Talib Kweli, Paul Wall, Jean Grae, Novel, DMC of Run DMC, Cassidy & More. Peep the video for the 1st song on the album below and pick up the album on iTunes. Iron Solomon is a muthaf@k!n’ MONSTER!

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