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Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Review By Dutch Vega


Before we  get into this I’d like to welcome Dutch Vega: Super MC / Battle Rap personality / writer to the MCMIreport.com family!  He’s been doing his thing on the review tip for a minute now and while I find he can be a bit of an asshole … harsh at times I generally agree with his thoughts on music and when I don’t its STILL a respectable argument, from someone who’s done thier homework!  With that being said, here’s his review … 

Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail Album Review

Written By: Dutch Vega

SALUTATIONS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! Ok, so firstly, let me start this shit out by saying: In NO Way do my asshole comments, views and review reflect the opinions of the good folks over here at MCMIreport.com! Actually, I’m sure the majority of the good folks over at MCMI aren’t gonna agree w/ me and someone might even be like “wtf b, why we publish this dude’s stupid ass review!?” but fuggit … Ok, with that shit out the way, lets dispense with the friendly shit and get straight to it …

(Warning: IF you clicked on this review hoping its a review shitting on Hov’s album so you can feel better ’bout all that hate you have in your blood … I suggest you close this out now, cuz you just gonna get angrier and angrier the more you read this. You’ve been warned, haters!)

Like all my reviews, I want to first attack a few comments and opinions I’ve heard about this album:

1st) I’ve seen people saying this album “lacks lyricality” or “Jay’s writing is lazy on this album“. I even saw someone make a status about how dumb one of Ross’ lines on the album is (I believe the person said it “Didn’t Make Sense”), the line in question is “Reeboks On I Just Do It Nigga”. I don’t WANT to have to break that line down, cuz honestly if you don’t get it, you just gonna have ALL sorts of problems understanding this album. Basically for those of you who were locked in a dungeon for the past year and just peeked your heads out to straight up hate on this album, the line makes PERFECT sense, cuz its supposed to be contradictory, or basically, its a straight up DISS or SHOT at Reebok (Remember that little company that DROPPED Rick Ross’ endorsement deal behind the bitching and complaining about a lyric of his, from a group of well organized white women? Well this is his retort to being dropped). GET IT NOW?! Ok cool.

2) I’ve seen people saying this is his “Worst Album To Date”… lmao … You guys don’t know ya head from ya asses. No way Hov can ever get lower than he did on “Kingdom Come”, let alone “Best Of Both Worlds Pt.2”. (Mind you BOTH Those albums STILL had BANGERS on them that most rappers couldn’t put together on their BEST Day!). The ONLY thing these people are saying that I’d partially agree with is that the production on this album isn’t his BEST. But, I attribute that to Timbaland. I’m sorry, but Tim is a shell of the great producer he once was. “Suit & Tie” is a perfect example of how mediocre his production has gotten over the past few years. Play “Suit & Tie”, then go play any song from Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” album and realize how great he was and how mediocre he is NOW in comparison. Thing is tho, Jay was smart enough to force him to collab with other producers from Pharrell to Boi-1da to Mike Will Made It. So tho i WILL admit the production on this album isn’t MIND BLOWING, its still SOLID production and the standout tracks are still fucking STUPENDOUS! So you’re KINDA right guys, but you’re still also WRONG… So there goes THAT argument. Back to it being his “Worst Album To Date”. NO. It’s NOT. You’re all just upset that Jay & Kanye DIDN’T give you the albums you EXPECTED from them. Try not to be such spoiled lil brats and appreciate what you get when you get it for what it is worth! OK?! Cool…

Now onto exactly HOW WELL WRITTEN this album actually is! First, there’s so many shots being fired, Its amazing and I LOVE Hov for doing it.. Here’s a short list of ppl being dissed:

(I ain’t writing the disses out, go read the lyrics and do your own homework lmao)..

Lil Wayne (On “La Familia”) , Miley Cyrus (On “SomewhereInAmerica”) ,Robert Deniro (On “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”) , Foxy Brown (On “Picasso Baby”) ,The General Public Who Dislike Him/Every Rapper Who Dislikes Him (On “Versus”) ,Scott Boras (On “Crown)  .. (I’m gonna elaborate on this diss a lil further in..)..

The list goes on and on of the people who Hov is calling out. Am I saying that this album is good BECAUSE he’s dissing people?!!? NO. BUT YES YES YESSSS!! Lol, look, when a person of Jay’s stature and status addresses certain people/things happening/current events its a GOOD THING! If Jay doesn’t say what he says about Miley Cyrus, do you realize how many more blackface misappropriations continue happening?!!? I don’t think you do. So Hov taking shots sets a balance to the otherwise unbalanced world we’re living in. So… “Twerk, Miley, Miley, Miley, twerk, Twerk, yeah, ugh-huh, Twerk, Miley, Miley, Miley Only in America” lol… ONLY IN AMERICA INDEED, HOV!

The fact he went at Scott Boras might be my favorite thing about this album. When Jay got his Sports Agency going I had an argument with some random person online via my FB. This person is a baseball fan, and they’re also a Jay Hater, so that made for a fun discussion. Pretty much the person in question was upset cuz Jay would “do things in favor of the Yankees and NY” (In reference to signing Robinson Cano) and he feared Jay would “ruin the sport” by charging sports franchises outlandish prices for his athletes. My problem with that is, why is THAT a Problem NOW?! Scott Boras (for those of you NOT familiar with him) is a Baseball Agent, who has RAPED teams at every turn. Scott Boras is responsible for the HIGHEST PAID CONTRACTS EVER GIVEN IN ANY SPORT! He got Alex Rodriguez not ONE but TWO different 200million+ contracts! That 2nd contract he got with the Yankees is the BIGGEST Contract in the HISTORY of sports contracts! EVER!! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_sports_contracts )! This guy has been RAPING baseball for over 2 decades! So its a problem now that Jay is gonna come in and rape these teams!?!? So, its ok for the white guy to rape and profit, but once the black rapper does there’s a problem!?!? I say.. FUCK THAT! RAPE ‘EM! Take em for EVERYTHING they’re worth! EVERY PENNY! So to ME, I LOVE that he said what he said to Scott. He “Put Him On Notice”, he pretty much said “You’re Not The Biggest Kid On The Playground No More Buddy” … and I Love that.

The thing I’ve always appreciated and respected about Jay is his honesty in his lyrics. (One of my fav Jay-Z lines of all time is “They’re all actors! Lookin at themselves in the mirror backwards, Can’t even face themselves, don’t fear no rappers! They’re all weirdos, DeNiros in practice! So don’t believe everything your earlobe captures; It’s mostly backwards!!! Unless it happens to be as accurate as ME!!! And everything said in song you happen to SEE!!! THEN, actually, believe half of what you see.. None of what you hear, even if it’s spat by me!!!! And with that said, I will kill niggas DEAD” lol… he pretty much said all these rappers are liars, don’t believe em, shit don’t believe ME half the time and he goes on to do a typical rapper thing and threatens life ending injury lmao).

HONESTY! It’s something most these rappers CAN’T do, they TRY to do it. Jay is honest and that honesty is honestly one of the most tangible reasons people are drawn to him. Like he said on “Versus”, “The truth in my verses, Versus, Your metaphors, About what your net worth is”. You should listen to those lyrics and think of the words like this: “The truth in my verses > Your metaphors About what your net worth is” lol, cuz that’s how he meant it. If you can’t draw inspiration from such a polarizing figure, I dunno what to tell you. Go listen to all the underground rap albums you want to, about a bunch fictitious “super-lyrical-miracle-poet-laureate-cosmic-astronauts-roaming-the-double-helix-galaxy”… lmao, I’m gonna listen to this guy, with his feet firmly planted on earth and vibe out.

Now, onto my specific thoughts on the album… Its GREAT! lol.. No really tho, this album along with Yeezus, will take me through the summer. J.Cole’s album is a Frisbee. HALF of Wale’s album is good. Excuse My French speaks to the lil ratchet guy inside my soul. But, if I had to put it in order for yall, I’d say its: MCHG > Yeezus > Excuse My French > The Gifted > Born Sinner … So for ME this album and Kanye’s will provide a sonic back drop for one HOT ass NYC Summer! THANK YOU BOTH GENTLEMEN! Listen, for all you Jay & Kanye haters, there’s NOTHING I can say that will make you like this album. I don’t even know wtf you guys are doing reading THIS, if you hate them guys so much, honestly. When I don’t like something, I just don’t give it any attention. I don’t like PLENTY of rappers, I Just NEVER speak about them, cuz I don’t wanna unintentionally give them more attention, or new fans! So, personally I don’t understand why haters even opine on music from artists they dislike. Shit makes ZERO sense, b! You just mad and want something else to be mad at.

I don’t usually do track by track breakdowns, but since I’m doing this for MCMI I’ll do that. So, here’s my track by track breakdown on this album after the jump …….