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High Rollers NYC Interviews The Audible Doctor of BBAS

audible doctorThis is from “High Rollers NYC presents: High Rollers Genus #1 ft. The Audible Doctor”. The Audible Doctor explains his musical childhood (piano lessons, singing in choir, etc), how he got into music production and shows us some of his techniques. He chops up some samples, lays drums and puts a track together right in front of us. This is one for our “Tech Squad” section. But The Audible Doc also talks about making music with BrownBagAllStars (BBAS) and there are some clips of a BBAS video at the end. Enjoy!

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The Audible Doctor

Rich Medina’s Vinyl Collection – Crate Diggers Interview

DJ Rich Medina is best known for his Afro-beat, Funk/Soul & Classic Hip Hop sets that earned him a spot on the first Season of BET’s Masters of the Mix reality show DJ competition. Rich did not win 1st place, but he did win tons of new fans and fellow DJ’s respect and admiration, as he brought integrity, personality and self expression to the show, much the way a truly gifted DJ transfers his or her spiritual vibe  onto the dance floor. Before “Masters of the Mix” Rich had a 10+ year monthly party called Jump N Funk and City hopped between New York and Philly weekly, for his numerous DJ gigs. Also a wordsmith and producer, Rich has been making music as a musician and spoken word artist for years as well, but DJing is his bread and butter, how he pays the rent, as he puts it.

Although he does use a Laptop (controlled by vinyl on turntables, not by itself), Rich still loves vinyl and for years hauled crates of records to his parties. Starting at a young age, he has built up a huge record collection. The interview is at his place, so besides finding out just how many and what his first record was, you can see him in his creative environment, surrounded by recording and DJing equiopment and tens of thousands of records.

I have been a fan of Rich Medina for years and he tremendously expanded my knowledge of Fela Kuti and afro beat in general. To hear him play, you would learn a lot, and in this interview he gives some specific tips for those about to embark on a musical journey behind the wheels. Rewind selectah …

Crate Diggers is a Vlog on Fuse.tv that interviews “people with extraordinary vinyl record collections” – DJ’s, producers and other lovers of authentic vinyl.

UPDATE: For more on Rich Medina, read this interview on WashingtonInformer

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Nicki Minaj 2009 Video Interview for FADER TV

Nicki Minaj 2009

This is Nicki in 2009, interviewed by Felipe at FADER. She has just dropped “Beam Me Up Scotty”, has normal color hair, a normal amount of make up on and a LOT of cleavage showing for this very playful flirtatious interview.

“I was not gonna get a Twitter, but they forced me to do it … I hated it, but I’m on Twitter now …” she confesses.

She talks about growing up in Queens and how it felt to be back in her neighborhood shooting a segment for MTV. All the young 13 to 17 year old girls knew who she was and were so excited to see her! At one point she hits on her interviewer, calling him cute and asking him if he can take a vacation with her. This is such a cute down to earth Nicki and as you can see the camera has always loved her, even without the wild costumes, pink wigs and such. Thanks to FADERtv for re-releasing this footage from not so long ago (a little less than 3 years). What do you think? Nicki then, or Nicki now?

DJ Eclipse Interviews PH on “Halftime Radio” WNYU 89.1fm (Video) + “How To Battle” (Audio)

PH went up to The Halftime Radio Show on WNYU 89.1fm, with Chordz Cordero and myself, GMS, to talk to host DJ Eclipse about his new album KNOW THE LEDGE. The conversation quickly turned to battling, then and now, the differences between the rules from the days of Blaze Battle and Braggin’ Rites and the popular battle leagues today, like GrindTimeNow and KOTD. This was a perfect segway into PH’s song “How To Battle” off the album, where PH flips the 50 Cent classic How To Rob but names dozens of MC’s in the battle game today.

The interview is dope. This is just part 2, the only part I had video of, but I will put up the audio of the rest in a few days. A lot of interesting stuff is talked about, plus a cypher between PH, Chordz and myself towards the end.

I included the full audio of the song “How To Battle”, below the video. See how many battle rappers you can catch as PH weaves their names into metaphors!

Common Interview: Power 105’s Breakfast Club

Common The Dreamer, The Believer

Warning! This interview is mad candid (definitely “Rated R”). Common tells some stories from his memoir “One Day It Will All Make Sense“, like one about his father kidnapping him and his mom at gun point when his mother wouldn’t agree to go with him to a basketball tryout. Or about how he was fingerin’ girls and trying oral sex before losing his actual virginity. Or as Common puts it, “real things that we go through, man … I’m just adventurous”.

But Common also talks about his early music makin’ days, how he got his name “Sense”, from the slang term for weed, working with producer No I.D. and his upcoming collab album with Nas, Nas Dot Com (or Nas.Com, I’ve seen it written both ways). The behind the scenes of the whole Ice Cube feud and other juicy tidbits of information are in the book as well. Sounds like a must read.

But my favorite question they asked Common was

“Is it hard to still love H.E.R? Cause you do all the Hollywood movies, and those checks are better. Is it hard to still have a love for H.E.R.?”

Listen to the interview for his answer.

Pick up Common’s 9th LP (!), The Dreamer, The Believer, in stores now.