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GrandMixer DXT & Baby T – Hip Hop Pioneers (TheBeeShine Interview)

GrandMixer DXT is arguably the first DJ turntablist. He was mentored by Kool Herc and is featured on Herbie Hancock’s groundbreaking single “Rockit”. He and Baby T, one of the very first female MCees, are two Hip Hop pioneers who have a lot of history to  share, telling stories about the first parties and Hip Hop performances in the 1970’s & 1980’s.

TheBeeShine.com interviewed both of them together, providing a fascinating glimpse into the adventures of another time, when baby Hip Hop was in its infancy stage. In those days, it was not about a check. It was about rocking the party, being creative and having fun. Of course, there was also a lot of violence that cast a dark shadow over the culture.

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Dujeous – ‘Day In Day Out’ (Album Stream + Videos)

Dujeous is back with a fresh new album, Day In Day Out, on Empire/Dujeous LLC. With features from John Legend, Sharon Jones, Immortal Technique and others, and with over a decade of recording and touring experience under their belts, this album is sure to gain Dujeous a lot of new fans and take them to new heights.

Watch Dujeous videos and read more about the group named in XXL’s “Top 5 Live Hip Hop Bands Not Including the Roots”, after the jump.

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