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Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought & Rakim – J Period Live Mixtape

Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought & Rakim - J Period Live Mixtape

J.PERIOD Presents…

The Live Mixtape [#Top5 Edition]

An EPIC Hip Hop Mixtape Recorded Live Onstage In One Take.

Featuring performances by

Pharoahe Monch
with Special Guest

Opening DJ Sets by @DJMoma [Everyday People] & @TheWhooligan


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MCMIreport: Loopin’ (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

MCMIreport: Loopin’ (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

MCMIreport: Loopin' (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

New music from the homie SubstantialLoopin'(Lupin) a jazz infused instrumental break with all of the intrigue and adventure found in the classic anime Lupin the Third, which Substantial sampled to create this track. This is a dope instrumental track you can listen to at work, in the car or anywhere to get teh creative juices flowin’. And its FREE! Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD NOW for free on Bandcamp.

Substantial gives a little background on the track saying “The homie DJ AAROCK originally made a beat using the sample but overtime lost the files. I asked him to send me the original sample so I could flip an updated version and add some more flavor to it.

MCMIreport: Loopin' (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

MCMIreport: Loopin’ (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

Jay ARE (John Robinson + J Rawls) Youth Culture Power (Sampler) Feat. Tiffany Paige

Jay ARE (John Robinson + J Rawls) Youth Culture Power (Sampler) Feat. Tiffany Paige

Jay ARE (John Robinson + J Rawls) – Youth Culture Power (Sampler) Feat. Tiffany Paige

I will admit, when my long time friend and musical peer John Robinson sent me the link to this project, I didn’t really know what to make of it. It’s Soundcloud audio, so, is it a podcast? Not really, but there are conversations. So, is it an EP? Not really, but there are some songs.

The beats knock, the musical landscapes are incredible and Jay ARE are dropping serious barz (with a “z”) on us, but it’s not a traditional album format. Having had a few conversations about education myself (I am a 20+ year veteran of the public school system, as a teacher and recently became certified for administration), I knew it would be interesting to say the least and probably incredibly dope musically, so I gave it a thorough listen. The audio feast that ensued was so flavorful I had to go back for seconds and thirds. 

Jay ARE (John Robinson + J Rawls) - Youth Culture Power (Sampler) Feat. Tiffany Paige

So what is it? Youth Culture Power is essentially several dope J Rawls produced, jazz-infused hip-hop tracks, blended with live instrumentation of the Liquid Crystal Project, over which the emcees rhyme poetics laced with the melodic tones of Tiffany Paige. This is merged with snippets of conversations from educators and scholars such as Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, Dr. Jocelyn Wilson, Martha Diaz, Dr. Bettina Love and Dr. Christopher Emdin, talking about attitudes towards students, the public school system and the current state of educating inner city youth.  This soundcloud player contains a sampler of the full project (Book + Album) that is on the way. 

At times it feels like you are listening to some good talk radio on WNYC or NPR. At times it’s some revolutionary, hardcore yet intelligent Hip Hop, the likes of which you get from artists like Dead Prez or Common. Some of the music is simple boom bap, hard beats and MCees dropping science. Other tracks contain sweet melodies in hooks, reminiscent of Lauren Hill’s contrasting her singing voice with her and the other Fugees’ intricate lyricism. The end-result is ear candy – audio that is equally rich in it’s musical tapestry as it is intellectually and spiritually stimulating. 

Jay ARE (John Robinson + J Rawls) - Youth Culture Power (Sampler) Feat. Tiffany Paige

Jay ARE consists of educators and hip-hop kids J Rawls and John Robinson turned musical maestros, who have merged their musical work with their educational theories. Their upcoming Book + Album project, Youth Culture Power promotes their philosophy on education: Youth Culture Pedagogy (YCP). The group  believes that their pedagogy can “maximize students’  full potential for success and promote lifelong engagement in learning,” so this is more than just music.

To learn more, visit the website: itsjayare.com and follow: @ItsJayARE | @Whoisjr | @Jrawls82


Jay ARE (John Robinson + J Rawls) Youth Culture Power (Sampler) Feat. Tiffany Paige

MCMI REPORT: Sha Stimuli – Lazarus

MCMI REPORT: Sha Stimuli – Lazarus

As tumultuous and uncertain times continue to exist in the world, Sha Stimuli provides a soundtrack for those that want to remain grateful yet continue to strive for greatness, with Lazarus.
MCMI REPORT: Sha Stimuli - Lazarus

This one slipped by without a write up from me when it came out and couple months ago, but I wanted to shine some light on it before the year is up, because Sha Stimuli is an artist who always drops knowledge along with his entertainment and there are major gems on this project.

For instance on Jail University, he schools us with “Jail over Yale, Rikers over Rutgers” about how it seems like there is more celebration over coming home from a bid than graduating college and how having been incarcerated would have gotten him a lot more street cred and promotion for his music than college.

MCMI REPORT: Sha Stimuli - LazarusNever afraid to divulge into important and controversial topics, the amount of substance Sha Stimuli puts into on “Lazarus”, will unquestionably stand out amongst other releases. If you want to know more about Sha, how he grew up, what led him to pursue basketball and then Hip Hop, his dreams to become the best MC and rich along the way, how he felt when he lost his record deal and other mishaps of his career, check out The Wake Pt 2 featuring MeLa Mechinko. 

All the songs are heavily autobiographical and intensely introspective and self-reflective. This album sounds like therapy for Sha. His MCing is on the highest level, as always. He has intricate flows, schemes, rhythm and cadence, but besides that, you can tell Sha is working through his demons. Paired with catchy and meaningful choruses, it is amazingly entertaining to listen to.

Over the years Stimuli has release an enormous amount of music, which helped his core fans get to know him on a deep level. Some of the tracks didn’t match the lyricism, sonically, but this project is NOT lacking there. Your head is going to nod whether you care about lyrics or not (but we know you do or you wouldn’t be on this website).  Production is handled by Redd Lettaz, Vanderslice & Green Steez, Black Metaphor, Nytroglic, Agor, Eddie Brock 661, and Lucki Handz with features by Redd Lettaz, MeLa Machinko, Apryl Williams, and Jennifer Myles. The album was mixed by Amond “AJ” Jackson and Rob Thomas for Salem Psalms, and mastered by Brian “Change” Penny. “Lazarus” will be released through 10 Minutes Late Records.

Definitely worth a salute in 2017, you can listen to the tracks right here on the BandCamp player or follow the links to support the artist, so we can continue to hear more more Hip Hop that expresses something real and pushes the culture forward, in an era of tight pants and “Molly, Percocet“. You can download the digital release or get an autographed CD.

IG, TW, SC: @GMS_MCMI | @ShaStimuli | @MCMIreport

MCMI REPORT: Sha Stimuli – Lazarus


Last night Lyricist Lounge and Live and Direct collaborated to bring NYC an amazing show by two of the tri state areas best MC’S the blunt brothers themselves: Redman & Method Man. The sold out show at BB Kings in Times square was a time warp to the best of the 90’s and 2000 hip hop era when Red & Meth had the rap game in the palm of their hands. The duo breezed through hit after hit without missing a beat. The energy they gave the crowd came back to them ten fold as the audience recited every word of every song and engaged in call and response with the stars of the movie How High (Red promised a part 2 was on the way!). As the night went on guest appearances by Street Life, Masta Killa and Inspectah Deck who recited his hip hop quotable verse off triumph kept the crowd on their toes, but one of the highlights was Young Dirty Bastard. The first born son of ODB, as he channeled his dad effortlessly while performing “Shimmy Shimmy Ya!” to the crowds amazement.
With shows like this, the DipSet reunion concert that happened the night before and Lyricist Lounge next show: Capone-N-Noreaga “The War Report” 20 year anniversary concert on Tuesday, November 28th its safe to say that real Hip hop is alive and well in the streets of NYC.

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