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MCMI REPORT: Bad Seed Drops Final Album ‘COREYOGRAPHY’

Bad Seed Drops Final Album 'COREYOGRAPHY'

Bad Seed Drops Final Album ‘COREYOGRAPHY’

After a brief hiatus from rap to work on some films and a web series, Corey Pierson, aka Bad Seed is back with what he calls one final album. Inspired by the loss of his close friend and crew member Robert PH Diaz last year, Seed decided to toss his hat int he ring one last time. This time it’s personal. Executive produced by PH, Bad Seed brings you COREYOGRAPHY.

The first single off the album is BELT OFF, produced by NOTTZ, for which a video will be dropping shortly. If that track is any indication, fans are not going to be disappointed by this new album. With beats by NottzMarco Polo, Will Tell and other dope producers, this is definitely one of his finest works.

After listening to an advance copy of the album, I have to say one of my personal favorite tracks is Are They OK, produced by Tone Jonez, about losing so many of our favorite artists recently, from Prince to Phife, and wondering about Sade, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Chaka Khan and other musical treasures. ‘Keep Bouncin‘, produced by Dr, No, is a tight ‘down the line‘ track, with Seed, Mic Handz and Mims, spittin’ bars over a hot beat.

Bad Seed Drops Final Album 'COREYOGRAPHY'

Then there are concept songs ‘Django Unfiltered, about feeling like a slave to our 9 to 5, F*ck Cancer, about losing loved ones to the cursed disease. All in all it is a very well rounded album, giving us just the right balance meaningful content and hard beats and rhymes. At first because of the title, ‘Coreyography’, I thought it would be more autobiographical, but I see now, it actually touches on different things that Seed feels strongly about, different sides of Corey.

In the song ‘5 Minutes’, Seed airs out his feelings about the old Makin’ Records crew, which had differences and went their separate ways long ago. He references “307”, meaning 307 Clinton, which was the old Makin’ headquarters, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Half way through the song, the beat changes and the late great PH drops some poignant lyrics, mentioning Makin’ Records and his transition to partner in MCMI Records, years later.

The album drops July 8th, on all digital outlets…iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon – all the usual suspects. The single is available on those outlets as well.

Check out the interview below.





“Ya man, not ya boy,” Corey ‘Bad Seed’ Pierson is back. This time with an honest album review of Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”. If you are like me, you can’t waste your valuable time on an album, just because of media hype or the artists self-proclaimed ‘greatness’.

Well, Seed’s approach is both real and helpful, neither hating, nor hero worship, as some reviewers tend to be. This helped me listen to  the album without expectations based on what some PR person wrote, that was copied and pasted into a thousand blogs all over the Internet.

You want an honest review, from a down to earth dude who grew up on Hip Hop and is going to keep it real with you? Here you go.

Thanks Corey, we appreciate it.

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MCMI Report: Sean Price Skate Video feat. Rob Campbell

MCMI Report: Sean Price Skate Video feat. Rob Campbell

MCMI Report: Sean Price Skate Video feat. Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell, of New Breed Skateboards, takes the Sean Price skate deck for a ride in NYC. As much as I love the skate board and the video, it just makes me miss the big homie more, because I wish so badly that I was watching him saying the rhymes, but we can’t bring him back. The music lives on and will forever, as will our love and memories of Sean Price aka Ruk aka Sean P!

As half of Heltah Skeltah, 1/8 of the Boot Camp Clik, and with a successful solo career in his own right, Sean Price (Brooklyn, NY) had a cult-like following, releasing critically acclaimed projects such as ‘Monkey Barz,’ ‘Jesus Price Supastar,’ and ‘Mic Tyson.’

Sadly, just two weeks before the scheduled release of Songs In The Key Of Price, Sean Price passed away in his Brooklyn apartment. The entire music community has since been grieving his untimely death, though the release of this 30-track mixtape offers an opportunity for fans and friends alike to celebrate the life and career of the storied MC.

MCMI Report: Sean Price Skate Video feat. Rob Campbell

If you haven’t copped his newest release yet, here it is:
Songs In The Key of Pricemixtape
CD at FatBeats

Purchase the Sean Price skate deck


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MCMI Report: Sean Price Skate Video feat. Rob Campbell