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Soul Khan – Soulstice III

This is one of those joints where the music starts with no drum beat and the MC is off and running right away, no intro, no chorus, just spittin’ bars immediately. It builds in intensity and you are waiting for when the beat drops. You figure they are really gonna drop heavy. Sometimes when the drums come in, it is a disappointment. You are waiting for it to drop after 4 bars, but it doesn’t, so you wait and expect it after 8. The song is really heating up and you are like “Wow, that is a long time with no beat, wonder when it is gonna come in?”

Well, guess what?? … On Soul Khan’s “Soulstice III” – it never does! To give props where props are due, the music is awesome and Soul Khan’s flow is nuts on this – but I keep wanting to hear a beat!

About halfway through the song I realize this is one of those “look at me, I am being really creative” moments, where the MC (or producer) did something rare and held the song together with music and flow – no drums. Ghostface has done this successfully and one or two other artists I can’t think of right now (hey, remind me, in the comments).

Soul Khan at FatBeats Records NYCLike I said, Soul Khan puts in work, flowing supercharged (and fast), telling the story over the infectious music and soulful singing. The rhyme scheme is intricate and delivery heavily syncopated. On top of that, I believe that is him singing the chorus himself. People will yell “Drake“, but I am thinking more like “Mos Def“. If you have only heard him in acapela rap battles, you will see (hear?) that the Brown Bag All Star definitely has flow and is not just a battle MC. But his style is different on this one. He admits in the second verse “This ain’t even how I rap, I’m just playing with it”.

The music is an instrumental borrowed from Rachel Grimes’ “My Dear Companion”. I have to admit, Soul Khan pulls it off. The song is dope. You know when you call your friend and they pick up and say “Yo, what’s good?” so you start telling them what you called about and a few seconds later you here “… I’m not here right now, but leave your name and number …”. You feel like, “Dammit, he got me!” That’s how I felt when I realized there was no beat and the song was gonna keep going – with no beat – and regardless, I was still going to like it!

Listen to the song and let me know if you like it too. Stare at the stunning naked chick in the artwork if it helps (hey, can’t hurt). I’m sure that’s what its there for.


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Info: SoulKhan.com

SEÑOR KAOS: The Most Interesting MC In The World

senor kaos
I first heard Señor Kaos while working on the PH mixtape MY ERA: No Skinny Jeans Allowed, at DJ HAZE’s studio in Staten Island. I was helping PH mix and recording my verse for Runnin‘ (remake of the Pharcyde song). One track on the mixtape featured a Señor Kaos (“Flava In Your Ear” remake, also ft. Punchline & 4-Ize). I liked his flow and asked PH about him. “Oh yeah, that’s my boy. He’s nice.” Well, of course (duh) why wouldn’t he be? He’s on your mixtape. Cool.

So, fast forward to now, I came across this on fam Sucio Smash’s site, HighWaterIsMusic. The video is called “No More“. The intro is a take on the Dos Equis beer commercials with “the most interesting man in the world”, which are hilarious. It’s dated June 16th, but things go up on blogs so fast these days, within a few hours they are pushed off the page and hell, if I missed it, maybe so did you. Dope song, entertaining video, funny concept, cool dude, with flow. Or to quote The Smoking Section, “Learn the name. Remember the face. This man deserves respect.”

For More Information on Señor Kaos Please Be Sure To Visit:

MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/senorkaos |   http://www.myspace.com/vintageimperial
BLOG: http://www.thekaoseffect.com
ONLINE STORE: http://www.cafepress.com/vintageimperial
COMPANY: http://www.vintageimperial.com
CONTACT INFO: E-Mail: Booking@thekaoseffect.com

Numark DJ 2 GO Small DJ Controller

DJ2GONumark has just released their smallest DJ controller yet. Crhis Roman demonstrates the DJ2GO at NAMM 2011 for ScratchWorx TV. (see below)

While the DJ2GO looks limitted to 2 devices and doesn’t sport decent sized scratch platters, but rather small dials, it has the advantage of being able to go where larger units cannot. Throw it in your laptop case, a shoulder bag or napsack and you’re good to go.

Questions I have:

  1. Does it work with other DJ scratch software like Traktor and Serato, or does it only work with the Virtual DJ LE (lite) that it comes with? *answer below video
  2. Can you scratch at all using the jog wheels?
  3. Can you attach it to an iPad, iPod and iPhone, like the iDJ Live I posted about last week?

If the answer to these three questions are “no”, then I give this a thumbs down as a main unit. If it works with all types of software, then for $59.00, you might wanna pick this up, as a back-up for when your turntables, CDJ’s, or more powerful controller fails in the middle of a gig (like what happened to my boy yesterday – someone spilled their drink into his MixTrackPro during the party – yikes!).


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* According to Numark, you can use the DJ2GO with other DJ software, but you have to “remap” the controls.

Because DJ2GO is MIDI-compliant, it can be used easily with virtually any DJ software by simply re-mapping the controls in the applicable application.

So if you use the software that comes with it, then it is plug and play. Otherwise you have to do a little tweaking of the settings, but that’s no big deal for most people.


Mos Def Joins ‘Dexter’

mos def
According to TheHollywoodReporter,

Mos Def has finalized a deal for a multi-episode arc on the sixth season of Dexter,

Also appearing in the 6th season of the hit Showtime series “Dexter” are Colin Hanks, who will play his archnemesis this time around, Jonny Lee Miller, Julia Stiles and Peter Weller.

This is a great look for our MC, musician and actor friend Mos, since Dexter got an average of 5 million views per episode last season.

[Mos Def’s acting career and videos after the jump.] (more…)


Bad Seed

Bad Seed AKA Niggalis Cage

Caught up with BAD SEED the other day. We talked about his current album “Intelligently Ignant” (click here for full album review) as well as his future plans and the next album he has already started recording. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you have any questions for Seed, post em. He checks this site and I’m pretty sure he will  answer you.

Stay blessed.