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50 Cent – Hold On/Dont worry bout it (videos)

It’s been a long long while since 50 had a solid project. Sure a dope song here or there on a mixtape but that’s about it. What kept 50 from making a comeback? Too many non music related business deals? Too many in-house squabbles? Too much ballin’? Too many over hyped feuds with other rappers? All of the above? Well, from what I’ve heard of his new project it seems to me the only thing that brings out the 50 we all know and love to hate is hunger. If his back isn’t against the wall, if he’s got nothing to prove the music gets diluted. Animal ambition is 50’s first album as an independent artist and he definitely is out to prove not only that he still has it but that he doesn’t need the backing of Shady/Aftermath to win. Peep the new video for the second single “Hold On”

[EDIT] 50 just dropped another video…. “Don’t Worry Bout It”

Animal ambition drops June 3rd.

Bow Wow – Yeah Yeah f. Lloyd Banks

I head this playing on SHADE 45 (SIRIUS/XM Radio) last night and I was amped. NOTTZ is one of my favorite producers. I always felt he was slept on, cranking out tons of amazing tracks for numerous artists but not seeming to get the recognition. Well, Bow Wow called in to the station and was talking about the record. He explained how he enlisted Nottz to produce this joint, also featuring G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks.

What makes the beat stand out is this winding bassy/guitar riff. What makes Bow Wow’s verse stand out is that … well, he’s nice.  Since ya boy got his grown man on, he can spit. Listen to the track and tell me if I’m wrong. Since outgrowing his “kid-rapper” status Bow Wow has struggled to convince the world that he’s got bars. Now signed to YMCMB, the dude is nasty, definitely Underrated, which is the perfect name of his upcoming album.

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