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MCMIreport: Loopin’ (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

MCMIreport: Loopin’ (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

MCMIreport: Loopin' (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

New music from the homie SubstantialLoopin'(Lupin) a jazz infused instrumental break with all of the intrigue and adventure found in the classic anime Lupin the Third, which Substantial sampled to create this track. This is a dope instrumental track you can listen to at work, in the car or anywhere to get teh creative juices flowin’. And its FREE! Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD NOW for free on Bandcamp.

Substantial gives a little background on the track saying “The homie DJ AAROCK originally made a beat using the sample but overtime lost the files. I asked him to send me the original sample so I could flip an updated version and add some more flavor to it.

MCMIreport: Loopin' (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

MCMIreport: Loopin’ (Lupin) produced by Substantial [Free Download]

MCMI REPORT: Busta Rhymes – The Return Of The Dragon (The Abstract Went On Vacation) *FREE DOWNLOAD

Busta Rhymes – The Return Of The Dragon (The Abstract Went On Vacation)

Busta Rhymes - The Return Of The Dragon (The Abstract Went On Vacation)

That’s right. Q-Tip went on vacation and Busta Rhymes dropped a solo Dragon joint without him. It’s all love though. Watch the video to see how it went down int he studio. This is not really a “mixtape” although they call it that. It’s a FREE ALBUM, you can download here, for Christmas. Happy Holidays! I’m not going to run down special guests who appear on the album. That’s irrelevant. It’s a free Busta Rhymes album. Go grab it quickly!


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Busta Rhymes – The Return Of The Dragon (The Abstract Went On Vacation)

Math Hoffa – Doing My Music feat. Blizzle Bless [free download]

Math Hoffa Doing My Music

Math Hoffa returns with a new song explaining some of his trials and tribulations within the Battle Rap community, Math Hoffa – Doing My Music feat. Blizzle Bless.

The song is produced by Barz N Beats mixed by J Glaze. You can download it off of the Soundcloud.

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De La Soul x NAS = God It (FREE DOWNLOAD)

De La Soul x NAS = God It


Oh man this track is siiiiiiiick! … I can’t believe they are giving this away for free. Oh, I see.

“Cause you gone’ get hooked on this verbal dope we cook, thas how it’s gone’ be, baby!”

True. One listen, you will get hooked. The beat, the music and every single verse is instantly addicting. They still “God It“, baby boy!

One of the reasons for De La Soul’s recent mega-success at connecting with fans is the personal approach they took on their recent Kickstarter campaign, which has brought in half a million dollars in support so far. So I’m just going to let them tell it.

What’s up y’all,

While busy at work, we also like to play. This song is not on the new album, but an indication of good music to come.  The song was produce by G_Force and you may recognize our featured guest. Get the song for free here.

We’re still in Atlanta, GA recording and it sounds amazing!  We can’t wait to get this new album to you. There’s only 10 days left to support our Kickstarter campaign so if you haven’t done so, please pre-ordered the album now by clicking the link below.


Thank you, we love y’all!

We Are De La Soul

De La Soul was my favorite group when they first came out. Other groups fought for my #1 spot over the years, but they became my favorite group a second time 10 years later. Now in 2015, they are my favorite group again. If you haven’t pre-ordered their new album on Kickstarter, what are you waiting for?

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MCMI presents: the marXman ‘DAYS OF FUTURE PAST’ [Free Download)

MCMIreport.com & MCMI Records presents:


MCMI releases hip hop project with the MarXman and announces Fall indie tour of Western Europe.

mxm-dofp-cover-front570webThe MarXman in collaboration with MCMI releases Days of Future Past, a musical journey from the Golden Age of Hip Hop into the unknown future. 

Days of Future Past is an alternate universe, a re-imagining of hip hop reality through the eyes of a poet. The MarXman eloquently conveys the story of a displaced artist finding his own sound in the main stream of consciousness.


The album commences with a sound byte from the classic cartoon X-men: The Animated Series, depicting an apocalyptic era following the “assassination of the90s.” All 15 tracks are written and performed by the MarXman with the exception of “Where I’ll Be” featuring King Chung and “Beautiful Struggle featuring Sheena O. Murray.


Each song is infused with the MarXman’s lyrical experience, blending R&B melodies with memorable “golden era” instrumentation. Listeners are challenged to rethink their inner most desires in “T.P.I.R.” a sample from the game show The Price Is Right. Buckshot of Black Moon’s “I Got Cha Opin” is remixed into a tribute to the nightlife in “Me & My Crew.” “Off the Ground” and “Take A Flight” directly refer to the MarXman’s upcoming solo independent tour of Western Europe in the Fall, advocating the need to soar over your comfort zone to follow your dreams.

Days of Future Past can be found on MCMIreport.com, or downloaded directly from MCMI.BandCamp.com

For more about the MarXman’s European Tour, go to http://www.gofund.me/theMarXman.

MarXman-Bio-pic-1More about The MarXman: The MarXman is a 13 year stage performer who hit the NYC scene as a spoken word artist. In 2008 he plunged into the party scene and released his first music project the NeXt: the MiXtape in 2010. As an event planner he seeks to uplift the artistic integrity of mainstream culture, starting with New York City.

Find the MarXman on: ReverbNation | Facebook | Twitter | BandCamp | MCMIreport.com

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