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Grind Time Now CEO, “Drect” Victim of Racism

Drect news story

Racism is alive and well in 2011. I don’t think anyone is naive enough to believe it wasn’t, but we are so used to the veiled prejudice, the follow you around the store, or the behind the scenes defunding of schools in poor black neighborhoods type, that we may have forgotten – just for a brief moment – about the plain and blatant “black  people can’t come into our neighborhood or live on our block” brand of hatred, complete with threats and racial slurs yelled from the front lawn.

Well, GrindTimeNow CEO, “Drect“, co-founder of “The World’s Largest Hip Hop Battle League” has experienced just that. He leased a house in an upscale exclusive gated community, “Royal Oaks” in Houston Texas. What I guess he didn’t know was those gates were designed to keep him – and any of his black friends – OUT! First, security was instructed not to let in any African-American guests past the gate into the sub-division. Besides that, a group of people banged on his garage door yelling racial slurs and challenging Drect’s uncle to come outside, that they “got something for you” for moving into “their” neighborhood.

Drect House

The House Drect leases in the Royal Oaks section of Houston Texas.

I don’t know what I find surprising, that the racist neighbors were so brazen with it, that the security guard admitted that he had been given written instructions not to allow Drect to have any guests in his own house, or that Fox News even covered this story.

Shout out to TheLoumedia for the video.


Common head shot

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not. That a rapper is going to the White House? No, that’s been done. That since it is a black President – and a democrat – the right wing media is up in arms? Yeah, that’s what I’m referring to.

I wouldn’t go as far as Kyle Anderson of Music Mix, saying

Common is about the least controversial rapper in the business. He’s roughly as edgy as LeVar Burton. He’s the rap version of Wayne Brady. He’s a friendly, easy-going, cross-cultural musician and actor who stars in easygoing rom-coms with Queen Latifah, only appears menacing to Tina Fey and Steve Carrell on celluloid

– um, that’s a little overdoing it, lol. I mean, Common is a positive dude, but he’s not soft. He did a dis record calling Gangsta Rapper Ice Cube a “Bitch”, remember? And he has some very controversial lyrics, mostly political. But that’s not inappropriate, for a poet or for an MC.  That’s what they do – have and express controversial ideas and opinions. But what Kyle said describing Common as a “conscious MC” is more to the point:

Common is a smart guy who uses his music to talk about complicated ideas and the vagaries of modern life. Few rappers talk about personal relationships and social injustice as astutely as Common, and his deeply-considered work is the sort of stuff that should be inspiring young people (especially those interested in poetry).

And that’s what makes him relevant to a discussion of poetry. Plenty of Common’s Hip Hop song lyrics flow like poetry and then he actually has poems as well, on HBO’s Russel Simmons presents Def Poetry, for instance. Whichever you are listening to, it is instantly clear that Common is a great communicator of ideas and expresser of passionate emotion, which perfectly describes the role of any artist. So, the fact that Michelle Obama wanted him to teach a poetry workshop to the youth (something else he has done before in his hometown Chicago) and perform some of his songs at the White House event, makes perfect sense.

Still, Hannity, Sara Palin, Karl Rove and others have all spoken out against the First Lady for inviting this “vile” rapper Common to the event. It’s really kind of laughable. I mean, read or listen to Hannity’s commentary, as published on FoxNews Website.

So, what is it they are claiming Common talks about in his raps?

1) murdering George W. Bush by settin him on fire,

2) carrying guns

3) killing cops

[* Watch some of Common’s videos, plus video footage of the White House performance and hear me call Sean Hannity and Sara Palin “a dumb ass” – after the jump!] (more…)