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Rah Digga: “The Ni**a In Me” (Fat Trel & Tyler the Creator Diss)

Rah Digga
Seems Fat Trel & Tyler the Creator awoke the sleeping giant (“that ain’t even asleep”), ha ha, this is good. Rah Digga is a lyrical heavyweight and yet we have never really seen her take shots at somebody, personally. Well, she goes in on this joint. Track is solid too. Hear for yourself.

“I didn’t make this record for press purposes or for hype cuz that’s not my thing. I got wind of various artists referencin me in a negative fashion. They poked fun at me I’m just pokin back. Its all sport to me. I wish em all the best, they just need to understand who is off limits. MC Lyte is off limits.  Rah Digga is off limits.  Respect those who kept hip hop raw so that we could still have a culture or get a first hand lesson in a lyrical ass whoopin. Love is love.” – Rah Digga


DOWNLOAD: “The Ni@@a In Me” – AudioMack

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Lord Have Mercy (formerly of Flipmode) – Lonely People

Lord Have Mercy (formerly of The Flipmode Squad) makes a comeback with his new joint, “Lonely People”.

I like that he didn’t use the Beatles version of the song. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE The Beatles, but it’s been done. This soulful version of the chorus is more original.

Lord Have has a new site, new Twitter, new music – he’s been gone awhile, but he’s back! So get reacquainted to the man and his music. Sword and Shield! Salute!