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MCMI Report: Watch Substantial Perform in the 2017 Ford Fusion (Commercial)

MCMI Report: Watch Substantial Perform in the 2017 Ford Fusion (Commercial)

MCMI Report: This just in! Mid Atlantic Ford Dealers got MCMI affiliated rapper Substantial into one of their new vehicles and he made magic! Okay, this is taking “spittin’ in the whip” to the next level. Et first I was like “Oh cool. The homie Substantial (member of The Plague, Fanomm, Bop Alloy & Ef@mm) did a FORD commercial. But when I watch it, it’s more like Ford did a Substantial commercial! It’s all about him, growin’ up in DC and Baltimore, his daughter and his career as an artist. And he does spit a verse, all while driving around in a Ford Fusion.

MCMI Report: Watch Substantial Perform in the 2017 Ford Fusion

Earlier this summer, Substantial’s song The Sub Way was chosen by UBER for their #UberSummerSeries campaignThey used the beat and hook to promote the second installment of the Uber Summer Concert Series, presented by Perrier and Hotel Indigo, but the video was of a rooftop concert featuring the artist Yuna (big up to her).

MCMI Report: Watch Substantial Perform in the 2017 Ford Fusion

Now FORD is using The Sub Way in their commercial. The commercial and the full song are featured prominently on FordMusic.com. I’m thinking with TWO billion dollar companies wanting to use this song, it obviously strikes a chord with them and with the public.

This is a great look for Substantial who just released the Present [EP] with producer Marcus D, available on iTunes and Bandcamp [Explicit] & [Clean]. You can stream both on Spotify.

He also has a new shirt out, called the Eclipse #BackToLyrics T-shirt from Substantial & HiPNOTT Records, featuring artwork that includes lyrics from Nujabes‘ song ‘Eclipse‘ featuring Substantial from the 2005 album ‘Modal Soul‘. The digital artwork was designed by Substantial himself. Shirts availabe here. Modal Soul album here.

With so much going on, you might want to sign up for updates on Stan’s new Fanbridge Action Page, where you can ask him questions (and he actually answers them!), connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and more.

MCMI Report: Watch Substantial Perform in the 2017 Ford Fusion

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MCMI Report: Watch Substantial Perform in the 2017 Ford Fusion (Commercial)


The title track of Dub MD’s forthcoming album ‘The Requiem: EP‘, features New Jersey’s Vandalyzm (of St. Joe Louis), Maryland’s Substantial (ef@mm/The Plague/Fanomm/Bop Alloy), Queen’s K-SISE and Brooklyn’s Kel Spencer over some hard hitting production from Detroit producer Black Bethoven.

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Substantial – “Home Is Where The Art Is” [Album]

A Hip Hop album so authentic and raw it is being released on Vinyl as well as CD and digital formats. The Baltimore MC’s last album Sacricice spawned 2 singles which made it to MTV, BET, & VH1. Having also recently toured Japan, released new music with his groups Bop Alloy and Fanomm, Substantial has been garnering a ton of positive press and the time is just right for his next solo release. The cover art was done by Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

Substantial’s Home Is Where The Art Is features vocal collaborations with Kokayi, Steph, The Sapphic Songstress, Deacon The Villain (of CunninLynguists), Ken Starr, and Acem (of Gods’Illa). Released on QN5 Music (vinyl through Mello Music Group). PRe-order now or click more for Tracklisting.

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FANOMM – “Sweet Dreams” & “#1 Spot” (feat. BOOTSY COLLINS)

Last few times we spoke to DMV native SUBSTANTIAL, it was about his close shave with cancer (benign tumor-removed-recovered-whew!), his close shave of his dreadlocks (gone-removed-done-new look!) and about his Japan Tour. Now he is back with some MEGA-news! He has teamed up with Chew Fu & J-Cast, forming a supergroup called “FANOMM” and dropped 2 Singles: “SWEET DREAMS” and “#1 SPOT“. Check out the personal introduction by none other than the Funk legend himself, the Star Child, BOOTSY COLLINS, who sings on the song!

*** UPDATE: Catch SUBSTANTIAL as a guest on the 1hr broadcast of “MCMI RADIO” (6/29/12) DOWNLOAD

Look below for free downloads and get in line for the album!


Four Song #1 SPOT ep Available NOW on iTunes & Amazon

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