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Keith WildChild Middleton – M Pire Magazine Exclusive Interview (Video)

M Pire Magazine cover copyM Pire Magazine gets an exclusive interview with lyricist, producer and actor, MCMI’s  Keith “Wild Child” Middleton. Known for his NY underground Hip Hop group HYDRA and crew The PLAGUE, and his years in the hit musical show STOMP at the Orpheum Theater, the WildChild speaks out on his new album of Spoken Word and original music, “Transitions”.

M Pire magazine article


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9th Wonder – The Making of Jay Z’s “Threat” (DECODED)

When Grammy-winning hip-hop icon 9th Wonder was first told to come by the studio and play beats for Jay Z’s “The Black Album”, it changed his life forever. September 20th, 2003 will forever etched into his memory. Not only did Jay use 9th Wonder on his album, he even mentioned his name in the verse. Listen to 9th tell this amazing story, while breaking down how he chopped and looped the sample (R. Kelly’s “Woman’s Threat”) and created the beat.

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SUBSTANTIAL: New Album & Tour (Exclusive Interview) Pt 2 & 3

Substantial Interview 1

Wow, it’s been mad long since I posted Part 1 of this Interview. I apologize for the delay, but Substantial asked me not to put part 2 & 3 up yet, because he wasn’t quite ready to reveal the exclusives dropped in the later part of the Interview. So I put up the a cappella verse instead, to hold you over ’til he was ready.

Well, that day has come. Here are Parts 2 & 3 of the exclusive MCMIreport.com interview. I am not gonna make you wait for part 3 after all this time. Here’s both of them at once. Enjoy! Leave comments when you’re done watching.

If you missed Part 1, click HERE to go check that out.
Click HERE for the A Cappella verse.

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