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Ludacris Ft. Slaughterhouse & Claret Jai – F5 (Furiously Dangerous)

slaughterhouse eminem
Ludacris Ft. Slaughterhouse & Claret Jai – F5 (Furiously Dangerous) produced by Mr. Porter. One of my favorite solo MC’s with one of my favorite groups, produced by one of my favorite producers, for one of my favorite mo– errrrr! Okay, I’ll stop there, lol. I can’t stand the Furious movies, but the song is dope. I say Mouse got this one. What do y’all think?


Eminem & Royce Da 5′9″: BAD MEETS EVIL (EP)

bad meets evil Eminem & Royce Da 5'9

Shout out to RapRadar for this one. Scheduled for June 14th.

“Royce and I started hanging out again and inevitably that led us back into the studio. At first we were just seeing where it went without any real goal in mind, but the songs started to come together crazy, so here we are.” – Eminem

“I’m excited to see this project come to fruition considering the long lapse in time between when we worked before and now. We had a blast doing it and we just hope everyone enjoys it while we’re working on the ‘Monster’ that will be the Slaughterhouse album.” – Royce

Production by Mr. Porter, Havoc, DJ Khalil, Bangladesh and more.