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Yelawolf, Budden, Crooked I, Ortiz, Royce & Em MURDER the BET Cypher (Videos+Lyrics)



I have to say I was not impressed by most of the BET Hip Hop Awards 2011 Cyphers. I mean, there was some heat here and there – Mad Skillz, Busta, Luda and Kendrick Lamar all laced it, Lady of Rage had some ill lines, but there were a lot of lackluster verses in between these folks. There were also artists that I think are so dope, like B.O.B., Tech N9ne and Big Krit. I love these dudes music, I just didn’t think they killed it the hardest in the cyphers.

One person I was most mad at – was Chris Brown. I mean, Chris has most people beat in terms of writing, singing, dancing and just charisma and stage presence in general. I’m not downing him as an artist, but he could not hang with the full time MC’s who live it every day. He really thought he ripped it, too. (Sh. Don’t tell him.)

Most surprising person to see in the cyphers at all was british RnB sensation Estelle. I love her singing. Didn’t know she could rap. Wow, she killed it! Honorable mention goes to LL COOL J, who wasn’t even in the cyphers, but read a disgusting verse he penned on the way to the show on his blackberry. Sorry, young boys. LL is not getting aged out of the game just yet. His pen is still hot.

If I had to pick a perfect verse, every line hittin’, perfectly executed, not over people’s heads, mad relevant punchlines, just everything fittin’ like a puzzle, it would be the one guy who can’t see, Blind Fury, so mad props to him.

But the group who NOBODY could see that night … was the SHADY 2.0 Cypher!

This squad was filled with such known spitters that I knew they would destroy it as soon as I saw who was there, but even with the bar of my expectations set crazy high, they managed to body it even more than I could have imagined, in terms of individual verses, the flow of the cypher from one MC to the next and the combination of devastating flows added up together. This cypher truly showed what squad is lyrically not to be f@-#*! with this year!

When Primo (DJ PRemier) threw on the classic beat, used in countless MC Battles and underground cyphers, I just knew it was on. Yelawolf, Joe Budden, Crooked I Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9 and Eminem all tore it down! There were all mountains,  no valleys, on the landscape. My ears and brain were bombarded by intricate rhyme schemes, up to date references, amazingly original and refreshing flows from all of them. They also demonstrated the essence of a true cypher – a meeting of the minds in a circle – an exchange of ideas – a family of MC’s conversing, not just a string of artists each kicking a hot 16 in a row. People outside of Hip Hop might not understand that. A cypher is connections, not just cats rhymin’. While many of the afore mentioned MC’s spit some hot -ish, none of the other cyphers really felt cohesive. They didn’t have that dynamic of communication, which is what the cypher is all about. They just felt like each MC was waiting to spit their verse. Anyone who has ever been in a cypher know what I’m talking about.

So for the elevated lyricism, the natural camaraderie between friends and the most consistent amount of ridiculous flow and wordplay, it has to go to SHADY 2.0. This one is definitely a classic. Don’t believe me? Check your local water cooler and see which cyphernot individual verse – is being talked about.

And now it’s your turn to judge for yourselves. Read more to watch ALL of the cyphers and leave your comments below!


Bad Meets Evil – Lighters ft. Bruno Mars (Video)

Bad Meets Evil

This video just in from Interscope, from the album Bad Meets Evil: Hell the Sequel. Royce & Em get busy on this song, so I’m expecting the video to be crazy as well. So far I have liked all the previous videos from Eminem, Em & Royce and the Slaughterhouse videos. Come to think of it Bruno’s videos are dope as well. All that = winning, for this trio.

Joell Ortiz: Psycho (feat. Pharoahe Monch & B.o.B)

psychoGotta hand it to OnSmash for this one. “Psycho” finds three twisted lyrical giants asking – and answering – the question, “Am I a pyscho?” Even though this is kinda an early 90’s underground style, most of the world never caught on to it. Some probably thought this was Em’s trademark, but truth be told it was all about the crazy raps in that era. Em just ran with it, did it better than most and took it farther with his whole Slim Shady persona than anyone else had. Pharoah and Joell are of that era and breed as well, so its plausible they spent countless hours in freestyle ciphers spittin’ this type of insanity, in their younger days, so this is just a fun trip down memory lane for them. I don’t know much about B.o.B’s background, but since he spit on that Slaughterhouse joint he’s definitely been rhyming on that -ish. Is psycho rap back? I don’t know, but this track is mad entertaining. Who kills it the most? Who’s verse is the sickest? I’ll leave that for you to decide (and argue about until the end of time, no doubt). Enjoy!

Bad Meets Evil – FAST LANE Official Video (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9)

Eminem and RoyceBad Meets Evil – FAST LANE Official Video (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9)

The song is bananas, period. Thanks to Em’s status and position of power in the game, it gets heavy rotation on XM and New York FM radio. I don’t know about other regions, somebody let me know. Anyway, the video is done with graphics emphasizing the words which is dope because I’m all about lyrics and I think Eminem and Slaughterhouse‘ (who get a cameo at the end) branding is all about the lyrics too. So I’m glad the video put even more emphasis on that, just basically too fo the nicest spitters in the game right now doing what they do, cause to me that’s where Hip Hop is headed back to right now. It took a little detour away from that since the Golden era, but as we say at MCMI: a better era starts now!
Fast Lane Video

Download the song FAST LANE: