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NEW St. Joe Louis Video – Good Morning

NEW St. Joe Louis Video – Good Morning


St. Joe LouisThese guy’s St. Joe Louis are staying really busy. Busy doing what you say? Putting out good music, providing the people with visuals as well, with the new video “Good Morning“, which is taken from their acclaimed 30,000 Ft. High & Rising LP , shouts to Brokn Englsh who make a Cameo Appearance in this video . Support these guys they are holding it down for the Garden State.

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Fresh Phungus Presents
This is a sick cypher outside of Fat Buddha (the bar/lounge formally known as Forbidden City) in NY, with several GrindTime and URL battlers, EOW faculty, Stronghold alumni. Shout out to FreshPhungusTV. This is goin’ in multiple categories. Let us know who killed it the most! – GMS