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This has been out a minute, but its not that I slept! I heard “NY NEVER LEFT” on underground radio at first and I tried to tag it with Shazamm and Soundcloud, but it wasn’t listed yet. Over the next few weeks I kept hearing it but I would catch the last half and no one was saying the name of the song. Now I am pretty much an musical elitist snob, so if I am telling you I was searching for this song, because it is so dope – that’s how dope it is!

AG DA CORONER definitely repped NY and paid homage to several legendary NY rappers as well as boroughs and regions within NY. ATG provided the track and it does a good job of reminding us of an older style of production, slow, gritty, cinematic, but his kicks and sounds are current, so this doesn’t sound dated at all. This is off of the upcoming project “Sip The Nectar“. Like it says on the hook, “infinite respect”!

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Rahiem Drinkwater Judges GrindTime “Wreck the Halls” MC battles

Rahiem Drinkwater Red Carpet Interviews

Rahiem Drinkwater was on hand at “Wreck the Halls”, the GrindTime East Coast division battles at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so of course you know PH asked him to be a celbrity judge, along with his cousin, Rob N. Banks. Shout out to Poison Pen, Sara Kana, Team Homi and all the MC’s there that night.

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