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Marco Polo – Newport Authority 2 (Mixtape Download)

Marco Polo

This new collection of bangers produced by Canadian Brooklyn transplant producer  Marco Polo is basically material that couldn’t be cleared for Port Authority 2: The Directors Cut. So its really an album more than a mixtape. We’ve already been playing some of these on MCMI RADIO, but here is the full mixtape download. The project features today’s generation of heat-makers alongside some of the legendary veterans that ushered in the Golden Era of Hip Hop, including Torae, Ruste Juxx, Lil Fame (of M.O.P), The Artifacts, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Das EFX, just to name a few.

And now …

What we’re gonna do is go back … back into time: GMS interview of Marco Polo outside Sputnik in Brooklyn. (2009)

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Sean P isn’t trying to get biblical with this one, it’s just a fancy title to a song that actually invites you to “embrace your Satan”. But it’s not horrocore either. It’s “hardcore rap at it’s worse”, such as @MandelaSean always gives his listeners. Hard Beats, hard rhymes, tongue in cheek axe murderer video (no homo).

The Genesis of the Omega sounded better than the start of the ending. I was just trying to be slick with the words. The Genesis, you know that’s the beginning of The Bible. The Omega, that’s the end. On some punk shit, read too many comic books. lol” – Sean P!

Directed by Todd Angkasuwan | Song Produced by The Alchemist | Mic Tyson Out Now

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Sean Price: ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ [Review]

sean price haraam

The Brooklyn rapper takes on vampires and werewolves as he reviews the final installment of “The Twilight Saga,” despite never having heard of it. SPOLIER ALERT! Sean Price does NOT think anybody (except maybe Stevie Wonder) should watch this movie. You probably could have guessed that. It’s still entertaining as hell watching the hardcore rapper review corny movies.

Sean Price ‘Mic Tyson’ album out on Duck Down Records
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Another banger off 9th Wonder & Buckshot’s album “The Solution”, in stores now. Directed by Calvan Fowler of Daydream Filmworks, the video features four versions of Buckshot, a creepy rabbit and a masked man. I don’t know how crazy the video is, but Buck’s lyrics and 9th Wonder’s production definitely are. Like they bringin’ ’88 back!

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SEAN PRICE: The Genesis of Omega (VIDEO)

Shout out to DallasPenn for this one. LMAO @ the black Santa Clause lookin’, Kimbo Slice’ / Sean Price the Barbarian action figure! Who needs cinematography when you’ve got … Sean P!!! Mic Tyson available now on Duck Down Records.

Purchase the Deluxe-Edition with bonus songs at iTunes. Physical CD’s will be available at all major retailers (Best Buy, FYE etc.), local mom & pop stores and at DuckDown.


We interrupt this Blog Post to bring you breaking news on HURRICANE SANDY. Sean Price is reporting live from the Canarsie Piers. Let’s go to Sean P, live on the scene:

“This just in…and I quote…yo, son Popeye’s is closed, McDonald’s is closed, Starbucks is closed, but Kennedy’s Fried Chicken on Saratoga is open!”

Watch the full report:

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